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Savage Model 25 Rifles

20 Dec 2019
@ 06:51 pm (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

Anyone own one, especially the laminate stocked versions?

They’re kinda funky, no doubt, but by all appearances the laminate stock models that I’ve seen articles or reviews on are pretty decent, the main complaint being the magazines. The rifles (in .223, which is what I would get) tend to produce anywhere from .25 to 1.25 MOA without any bedding or accurizing.

I might save up to have a US smith who works with Savages almost exclusively do his bedding and action truing package on it. The price of the rifle, optic, mounts, and accurizing package, if it’s all purchased through him, would be relatively affordable and he will of course do several test firings to make sure everything is functioning properly.

But I thought I’d check here first and see if anyone has experience with these rifles, bad or good.


21 Dec 2019
@ 08:41 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Savage Model 25 Rifles
Hi Ryan

i suggest you look at the manual for this model then go to parts diagram.

there's no recoil lug as such, there's 3 boss or pillars that take up the recoil.
you have to workout if your ok with that and how you'll bed it etc.
some companies scale up 22lr existential for some of their smaller firearms where as it's better to scale down a CF rifle.

anyway what ever you decide please keep us updated
21 Dec 2019
@ 11:45 am (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

Re: Savage Model 25 Rifles
Hey thanks Thomas, that’s a good point about the recoil lug design. That could certainly prove to be an issue but what’s worse is that I found out this afternoon that the barrels are difficult or even impossible to replace.

Being that all it takes to ruin a carbon steel bore is a bit of bad weather combined with poor maintenance practices afterwards, the barrel replacement issue is a big one for me. I might have to scrap the idea because of this.

This is similar to the reason why I’ve been considering selling my Browning X-Bolt, most smiths just don’t wanna deal with either these or the older A-Bolt rifles. So it’s not as good of an investment as the other options on the market because if something catastrophic happens to it, well, it’s basically a done deal.
23 Dec 2019
@ 11:19 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Savage Model 25 Rifles
One thing I notice is you got to like a rifle and you got to have confidence in it.
No point buying a rifle you don't like because then you'll loose confidence in it.

If I was after 223 the rifles I would look at are.
Cz 527 beautiful set trigger but does have protruding mag.
Cz forget model that has floor plate compared to magazine.
Howa mini protruding mag but nice handy rifle, would probably get heavy barrel model.
Model 7 stainless you could argue that your better off with model 700 instead.

Theres all other options like savage and ruger etc to.
If I think I was looking at ruger American I think I would be tempted to go 22-250 as they offer it with1-10 twist.

Browning I learnt have 32tpi thread, think savage has 20 to, Remington has 16 to and old mauser has 12 to.
Getting 32tpi stainless on stainless threads apart doesn't sound like fun.


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