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Re: Rifle weight for 7mm rem mag

08 Dec 2019
@ 07:56 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Brian, regarding the books, they each tie into the other. A most important factor is that the books afford me a level of privacy to speak candidly about BS within the entire spectrum of the industry including cost cutting within rifle brands all the way up to issues with the so called top level shooters. The books have qualified statements unlike a forum thread or email where there is only so much space and time to give explanations.

Rifles - fundamental understanding of the rifle, various brands / types / stock designs, how this effects recoil etc. Cuts through BS. Use this as a buyer beware. Changes the way you look at both gun shopping and also gun magazine articles, user reviews etc. If reader has taken this info on board, I expect that the reader will never look at these things the same away again.

Cartridges - Fundamental understanding of the cartridge, goes much further than the KB. Use this to choose a cartridge, has set formulas to help remove headaches. Goes into great detail about wounding at vearious ranges, teaches you how far you can push things. A large and highly detailed book.

Accurizing & Maintenance - Once you have read the above and you are settled on your chosen rifle, this book goes over all the steps for each of the major brands. These are the methods you will use for life, very hands on, step by step. There is a quick set up guide for the Tikka that bears no relation to any user manual but along with this I have included detailed steps on bedding etc. So there is a lot to it, but the entire book is centered around DIY usage / self empowerment.

Reloading - The goal here is extreme accuracy but in the most simple steps. Lets say a guy loathes mucking around with this sort of thing and finds shopping for reloading kit to be confusing. This book simplifies your purchases and methods. Rather than treating extreme accuracy as some mythical goal that only experts can achieve, I treat it as a process of problem solving. So we work to a basic formula, then if you have a problem, steps are taken to remedy it. In other words, accuracy is achieved by degrees in very basic steps as and when you are ready. I also like power so the book teaches you to let your rifle do the talking, letting you know how fast it can be loaded rather than any guess work or trying a mates hot (and dangerous) load. Reloading ties back into both the Cartridges and shooting book. As an example of what you could achieve- your .30-06 might like 56 grains of Superformance powder in a Hornady case, driving the 195 grain ELD-M at about 2600 to 2650fps. This is probably far more potent (wide wounding) than any load you have ever experienced in a .30-06 or perhaps experienced in rifles owned by friends.

Shooting - I don't really know how to put this without offending a very large number of people. I don't know what to say. Think of some modern / current expert, any expert, someone you think is the best shot ever, best website, best endorsements, books or movies made about him, shooting school tours - whatever. Now imagine if all of that was based on bullshit. Thats what you get when you read Shooting. Again its kept very simple and its also kept honest by using the Tikka T3 lite as a case in point and a challenge to anyone who would disagree with the methods taught in the book. The book covers the basic principles through to long range. It also covers backpack work (what you should pack), knives, through to game skinning etc. This is quite a large book. Shooting ties back into Rifles and Cartridges. I wanted to write this book first to serve as a foundation but ultimately wrote the series in the above order.

SAWB is my most recent. It is not part of the guide series. Readers have to write a covering letter before purchasing. SAWB is not a hunting book (some folk write letters of application, stating that they want to read SAWB to become better hunters). SAWB is however another de-bullshitting book but I had to change my writing style somewhat to make it palatable for the scientific community. This is my thesis, establishing my professional position as a subject matter expert on an international scale. This book is designed for and is currently being by used all levels of the police, military and medical disciplines.


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