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Measuring Sight Height

20 Nov 2019
@ 06:07 pm (GMT)


Hi Guys

Another possibly very dumb question for you.

I've just got the practical guide to long range shooting (finally) and have got through to the section on measuring sight heights.

I have already done this for my long range rifle to produce a drop chart by using verniers to measure from the bottom of the bolt (bolt open position) to the top of the scope at 90 deg to the bore then subtracting half of the bolt diameter and half of the scope diameter from the total. This seemed like the logical and easiest way to do it but there is no mention of it in the book so am wondering if I have missed something obvious?




23 Nov 2019
@ 08:01 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Measuring Sight Height
Hi Vince, if you can actually get a reading to the bottom of the bolt then sure, why not. But you may find it hard to actually measure to the bottom of the bolt.

The Rems and clones are generally the easiest because they have a gas escape port on the side of the action. Center of port to center of rings gives a good reading.

Not a dumb question. You are working through the various steps which is great to see.
23 Nov 2019
@ 08:12 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

Re: Measuring Sight Height
Hi Vince

Late replying.

An example of a method with values

Tube diameter is 30 mm or 1.181 inches
bolt diameter is 18 mm or .708 inches
Distance from top of bolt to bottom of scope is 23mm or .905 inches

Tube diameter of 1.81/2 = .590 inches
Bolt diameter of .708/2 = .354 inches
Distance from top of bolt to bottom of scope = .905 inches
Addition of three values equals Sight height above bore: 1.85 Inches


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