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Re: A Magnum for a Hack

16 Nov 2019
@ 04:02 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

I can't figure out why everyone thinks that moose are hard to kill. They are probably one of the easiest targets there is. They walk right up to you, stand broadside to you and wait. In 50+ years of moose hunting, I've only seen a handfull of moose killed at a distance of over 100 yards. Most of my kills were in the 50 - 70 yard range. One shot, freezer is full. We used to use the 190gr BTSP almost exclusively. Once I tried the 150gr BTSP just to see what it would do. Moose was at 40 yards, walking towards me straight on. Only now I know what my POI was, thanks to Nathan and his books. Smack dab in the centre of the thoracic autonomic plexus. One step, face plant. Any cartridge or calibre mentioned in this thread has been successfully and humanely used to kill moose.


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