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.458 Bore vs. .475 and .500 Bores

15 Nov 2019
@ 07:20 pm (GMT)

Ryan Nafe


What have you guys observed as being the differences in terminal performance of the larger .475’s and .50’s when compared to the .458 bore?

I would assume you’d see a continued decline in the minimum impact velocity for fast killing with hollow points, as well as wider wounding with things like wide-flat-nose hard cast bullets (assuming the meplat is actually wider than the one on the .458 bullet)

But how significant are the differences? Significant enough to make it worth getting set up with a more oddball cartridge in the larger bore diameters, or is the .458 close enough to be a better option for economy and simplicity’s sake?

I’ve been thinking of getting a modern 30” barrel inline muzzleloader to try some of the Hawk hollow points on deer, this would allow experimenting with everything from .429 to .475 diameter at muzzle velocities from 2,300 FPS (240 grain .44 Mag bullets) to 1,850 (350 grain .475’s). Or I can also just get a long-barrel .45-70 and be done with it. The .500” or .510” bore would probably necessitate a different rifle altogether, something with a custom barrel like a single shot .50 Alaskan or something.

The real trouble with the muzzleloader is that even with the most modern stuff (stiff charges of Blackhorn 209 and a 30” barrel) I would be topped out at about 2,000 FPS with the .458” or .475” bullets, which is easily beaten by a modern .45-70 rifle.


17 Nov 2019
@ 12:00 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: .458 Bore vs. .475 and .500 Bores
45-70 easy and it works! Or if you wanted a toy to build and play with. Neck down a 50cal case to make yourself a 45-50...... just copying what they did to make any of the 270, 243, 7-08, 25-303 .......
17 Nov 2019
@ 02:13 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: .458 Bore vs. .475 and .500 Bores
If you were going to get a rifle for dangerous game or very heavy animals in the bovine weight etc then you might see some advantage going 475 or 500 but the main advantage of 458 is there more projectile choices.
The 458 bore offers some lightweight thinner jacketed projectiles designed for low velocity cartridges.
If you then drive these projectiles semi hard from the likes of 458 win mag or 458 lott you should see some pretty dramatic results.
Its kinder why use 358 bore uses see better results on light game then our 9.3 users cousins.
17 Jul 2023
@ 09:23 am (GMT)

Ryan Cameron

Re: .458 Bore vs. .475 and .500 Bores

Its kinder why use 358 bore uses see better results on light game then our 9.3 users cousins.

This is because the 9.3 options are more on the stout side?
I have a 358 win and a 9.3x62 and bullets are hard to find for the 358, the 250gr Accubonds in 366 are quite effective. drt, black bear and deer.


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