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Re: Bow range loads for the long range rifle

13 Nov 2019
@ 06:10 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

a thread right up my alley......
having PLAYED rather a lot with the 7.62x39mm including heaps of subsonic stuff I have SOME idea what Im talking about.
the best projectile I found and others who have used it a 151grn hollow point cast......when I say hollow point...its a ho ho hollow point.looks like a power point .22lr
the ONLY one I ve recovered from head shot sheep was 13mm across.
for VERY close range headshooting they are awesome...for finishing off animals without blasting yours or the dogs ears,again awesome.
for possums or hares for grins n giggles also awesome.
BUT and like a Cardashian....its a big but.
if you miss grey matter by any distance your animal will walk away pissed off. if you go through jaw or nose or neck they will shake head and continue onwards.
the difference between supersonic and subsonic load is huge.
the few cast projectiles I have left over I have loaded to about 2100fps....they are still quietish but will preform MUCH better as will have some shock to transpher energy to closeby vitals and help expansion even more.
there is no such thing as being overgunned.if you worried about long range load being too explosive it would be a simple matter to make up a few loads to lesser specs...something just above 30/30 would be childsplay to do and fun to shoot....heck chuck a stock standard hornady cup n core load in the dirty06 and all is good at usual velocities,thousands of deer etc havent complained about it over the years.Im enjoying 180grn round nose loads in .308 for bush should be ducks nuts on 06 too.


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