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Re: Reloading - Beginner Setup

13 Nov 2019
@ 10:58 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Thanks Scott, hope you find the book useful.

The measurement from the base of the case to the ogive (using a Hornady Comparator) is not the same as bolt face to ogive. Every gun is slightly different. If you want to get close measurements, you need to use a fully fireformed (firm bolt feel) case as per the book methods.

The trouble is, this kind of talk is not helpful for beginners, its too intimidating. The book goes into all such detail, but the beginner need not be so concerned if he is shooting a .308 (one reason why the .308 is so good for new shooters). It is quite possible to follow very basic steps and achieve one hole group accuracy. lately I have been posting such videos, a simple 7mm rem Mag load, shooting the .30-06 out to 600 yards before the modern age of apps etc. I want to make sure my beginners are empowered as they get started. I don't want folk feeling intimidated by complex talk in a beginner set up thread.


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