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Bow range loads for the long range rifle

12 Nov 2019
@ 08:30 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

I've got a buddy wanting me to come hunt deer at his place in a couple weeks. The way he describes it, it sounds like the shooting could be very short range. I can, of course, venture out with a normal load. But I'm considering field testing some reduced / Trail Boss loads such as have been discussed in these parts before. My specific question is whether anyone has shot the 168 gr. Amax over Trail Boss in the .30-06 and if so, what did you find either in terms of velocity of close range terminal performance or both? Thanks.


13 Nov 2019
@ 12:49 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Bow range loads for the long range rifle
Joshua, I've fired the 30-06 with TB when fireforming brass, but not hunting. I don't think you would have enough velocity for the terminal performance you are looking for. I never used the chrono when shooting these loads, but the TB literature lists the 150gr Nosler at 1477fps, with a full load. Assuming the heavier bullet would launch slower, you may already be at minimal performance levels at muzzle velocity. Just an opinion and there are probably a multitude of others who will say different.
13 Nov 2019
@ 08:45 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Bow range loads for the long range rifle
Hi Joshua, be a bit careful of this, especially hunting on another persons place with several unknowns.

The loads I made up for Riley in the past were used in situations where we had a lot of time on our hands and could sit and wait for goats to come right in close. I don't know whether its been luck, training or both but Riley obtains fast kills by getting her bullets into the hillar zone (forward shoulder). That aside, in reality, I mostly used these loads for training, then moved her on to reduced H4895 / ADI 2206H loads as soon as possible.

If you want to try reduced loads, you could simply use reduced H4895 data. This will still have a fairly good trajectory and plenty of energy.

If you want to go subsonic, I suggest you use the relatively new 195 grain Hornady Subsonic projectile. Wounds produced by this projectile are much like arrow wounds. Unless the bullet strikes the CNS, kills are always delayed. Should mention, you will get about 1200 to 1300fps in your .30-06 with a magnum primer but performance is still fairly dull.

Subsonic loads have been very popular, often utilized by people who have a very poor understanding of both physics and biology, popular with poachers and wannabe SF operators. There was a time when we were receiving daily emails on this subject, folk wanting suggestions for fast killing loads for their slow Blackout rifles. The guns were selling in great numbers. When I last visited the H&F gun store franchise a little while ago, the manager said that the rifles went out in big numbers, then came back in big numbers after bummer hunts. But after coming back as trade ins, the store owners found they could not resell the used guns. Speaks for itself really.

Hope that helps a bit.

ELD-M / A-MAX at its limits:
13 Nov 2019
@ 02:17 pm (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Re: Bow range loads for the long range rifle
William Least Heat-Moon wrote a couple of very good North American travel narratives. In one of them (Blue Highways, I believe), he wrote "Beware thoughts that come in the night. They aren't turned properly; they come in askew, free of sense and restriction, deriving from the most remote of sources." In daylight my notion of hunting with the Trail Boss loads in a new setting seems like such an idea. You fellows and my daylight brain are in agreement. I'll be sticking with what's proven in the woods and save the experiments for the range. I did enjoy the video though, Nathan. Heck of a shot by your pupil.
13 Nov 2019
@ 06:10 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Bow range loads for the long range rifle
a thread right up my alley......
having PLAYED rather a lot with the 7.62x39mm including heaps of subsonic stuff I have SOME idea what Im talking about.
the best projectile I found and others who have used it a 151grn hollow point cast......when I say hollow point...its a ho ho hollow point.looks like a power point .22lr
the ONLY one I ve recovered from head shot sheep was 13mm across.
for VERY close range headshooting they are awesome...for finishing off animals without blasting yours or the dogs ears,again awesome.
for possums or hares for grins n giggles also awesome.
BUT and like a Cardashian....its a big but.
if you miss grey matter by any distance your animal will walk away pissed off. if you go through jaw or nose or neck they will shake head and continue onwards.
the difference between supersonic and subsonic load is huge.
the few cast projectiles I have left over I have loaded to about 2100fps....they are still quietish but will preform MUCH better as will have some shock to transpher energy to closeby vitals and help expansion even more.
there is no such thing as being overgunned.if you worried about long range load being too explosive it would be a simple matter to make up a few loads to lesser specs...something just above 30/30 would be childsplay to do and fun to shoot....heck chuck a stock standard hornady cup n core load in the dirty06 and all is good at usual velocities,thousands of deer etc havent complained about it over the years.Im enjoying 180grn round nose loads in .308 for bush should be ducks nuts on 06 too.


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