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7mm Nosler Partition: 160 Gr. vs. 175 Gr.

11 Nov 2019
@ 06:09 am (GMT)

Ryan Nafe


What have been your experiences and what are your thoughts on the 160 grain Partition at a velocity of 3,000 FPS vs. the 175 grain Partition at 2,900?

I’m interested in developing a load that’s suitable for a broad range of game weights, something ideal for game weights between 50 and 150 kilos (no easy feat for the bullet, I know) but also has the flexibility to be used on larger or heavier game such as black bear, elk, etc.

I’d like to develop a single load for my 7mm Rem Mag that’s versatility allows me to use that one single load for the rifle. In-close, out to 300 yards, light/lean deer, heavy mature black bear, all of it.

I know it’s a tall order, but I feel that one of two heavyweight Partition bullets are capable. My question is, which of the two do you think would be the better choice? The 160 at about 3,000 or the 175 at about 2,900?

Both would remain above 2,600 FPS out to 300 yards so they will both hit quite hard at ordinary hunting ranges, either one would probably work, but is there a strong reason to pick one over the other?


11 Nov 2019
@ 09:29 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 7mm Nosler Partition: 160 Gr. vs. 175 Gr.
Hi Ryan, just work your percentages. If 90% of your game are not so heavy, then go with the 160gr as your allrounder, it will go well on the other 10%.

You will most likely be able to get the 160gr up to around 3050 to 3070fps. It will hit hard, producing broad exit wounds with shoulder shots.
11 Nov 2019
@ 10:21 am (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

Re: 7mm Nosler Partition: 160 Gr. vs. 175 Gr.
Hey thanks Nathan, I had forgotten all about the 90/10 rule. Sounds good, I can get boxes of the 160’s at a local store for a decent price. Thanks again.

Just an FYI and a bit of an aside, I have decided not to go out using the 7mm Rem Mag this year. The rifle does get acceptable short-range groups right now with the Superformance 154’s, right around 1.5 to 1.75 MOA, but I would really prefer to become more familiar with the rifle after developing an accurate load with the Partition before I take it tot the woods.

I have some ammo I’d like to try in my trusty .308 that is currently shooting about .75 MOA, so I’ll take that one along this year just because I’m familiar with the rifle and I know it’s gonna work well.
13 Nov 2019
@ 08:52 am (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

Re: 7mm Nosler Partition: 160 Gr. vs. 175 Gr.
Alright I have to take it back, I’m gonna take the plunge and use the magnum this year.

I’ve clocked the Superformance 154’s at 3,135 FPS, the rifle is getting triangular groups of about 1.5” or 1.75” at 100 yards, and after taking 6 shots just now before work I have no trouble keeping the rounds in a 2” circle from a few common field shooting positions.

I can’t see how I can expect much better results with factory ammo at this point so I’ll just give it a go this year and at least take a doe for the meat. My curiosity is too great to not try it out. Wish me luck.


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