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2013 Deer Hunt

15 Oct 2013
@ 09:04 pm (GMT)

John Smith

Greetings, On 12 Oct I harvested my deer for 2013. Being (well) over 65
in some Washington counties I can take a Whitetail doe, or either a Whitetail or Mule buck if they have three points. I won't go into the details how my
hunting buddy messed up my chance for a Whitetail buck. Using my new
No. 1 in 6.5x55 I shot a big doe about 150 yards running through
the grass. I aimed just above her right front leg, but my 140 grain Partition bullet in front of 46.5 grains of RL-22 hit right at the top of her
leg and left a big exit hole on the left shoulder. She skidded about fifty
years down the hill and piled up dead in the valley. When I opened her
up she was full of blood, but neither the lungs nor the heart were badly
damaged. My bullet did a lot of collateral damage to both legs. Since
I like using front leg meat for sausage, it took a lot of time
salvaging undamaged meat. I don't plan on trying for another
shoulder shot on my next deer. Probably just behind the front legs.


16 Oct 2013
@ 01:52 pm (GMT)


Re: 2013 Deer Hunt
Congrats!!! Partitions are a wonderful bullet. Thanks for sharing, any photos?? Cheers, Aj
16 Oct 2013
@ 03:13 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 2013 Deer Hunt
It is a tough call John because if you use the rifle at longer ranges, the shoulder shot placement can prove the fastest killing. The same can be said on heavier, tougher animals. So shoulder shot placement can be a very good practice, especially in smaller, milder bores.

This is one of the major cultural differences between U.S shooters and NZ and Central European shooters. The European shooters who initially influenced NZ shooters, worked towards fastest possible killing. In the U.S, there was a gradual shift towards maximum meat retrieval once game seasons became established. In the UK, the shift has been the same as the U.S but more so. Some game keepers (outfitters) are now becoming very grumpy if they see any meat damage, adding pressure to clients.

These are the kind of considerations I have discussed in the next book.

I think just being aware of what might happen is enough for you. By consciously monitoring the effects of various shot placement as you are already doing while experimenting with changes in POI, you will always have control. Success is therefore entirely dependent on your decision making, not cartridge power or limitations. A much better situation than being left wondering why X result occured.

Sounds like the Partition did its job. Can't accuse it of being tough as some folk do.
16 Oct 2013
@ 03:49 pm (GMT)

John Smith

Re: 2013 Deer Hunt
When is that book you mentioned coming out?
I will keep using Partition bullets in my 6.5x55. I am all for
quick killing shots as long as they don't spoil too
much meat. I hunt in grass/wheat fields so can see deer
coming and going for quite a distance. No trees. With any
kind of decent shot, it would be hard to loose a fatally
wounded deer. As I mentioned in my message, my
bullet didn't exactly go where I wanted it to hit. But
on a running deer at 150 yards it wasn't too bad.
16 Oct 2013
@ 05:09 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 2013 Deer Hunt
Hoping to be live in 3 to 4 weeks. Just editing now.

Keep you camera handy please John, would love to see future pics and share them on the wound data base if you are up to emailing them through.
16 Oct 2013
@ 09:50 pm (GMT)

John Smith

Re: 2013 Deer Hunt
I took a picture of the exit wound with a non-
digital camera. If the photo come our I will
try to put them on the forum.
Let me know how to order the book.


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