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Muzzle thread issues

04 Nov 2019
@ 12:48 pm (GMT)


Hi Guys, just got a tikka t3x in 6.5, broke in as per nathans instructions.

Shot half inch with factory hornady 140eldm, stoked! I need it suppressed.

Got it threaded by I thought reputable Smith, didn't shorten the barrel at all just thread, nice wide thread for barrel 9/16. All looks good, back to range, same box of ammo, groups grown to 1.25 moa without suppressor, tending to string a little side to side, suppressed it strings vertically.

you change anything on a barrel there will be changes to harmonics etc, I find hard to believe just cutting thread would open groups that much.


04 Nov 2019
@ 12:51 pm (GMT)


Re: Muzzle thread issues
Possible issues I can think of, stock over torque by Smith or lathe centre been put in muzzle for threading and not recrowned. But no damage visible by eye.

Or am I too anal and just get on with working up reloads?


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