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Re: People Complaining About Recoil

03 Nov 2019
@ 02:42 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Interesting thread....interesting topic fullstop.
when the dreaded Fword that rhymes with grinch comes into play all bets are off.
for years I shyied away from shooting at paper...having a lightweight .270win with soda straw 20" barrel for most of that time as my only rifle would go some way to explaining why.
even with good recoil pad she would still leave me with love bites....
fast forward a few years,I bought Nathans books and kicked myself hard in the arse,told myself to "suck it up buttercup" and worked on technique for the few times a prone shot is taken.....yip improoved no end.
then I realised my hearing was getting bad.....again said .270 goes some way to explaining that...shooting wallabies it was nothing to fire 60 shots in a weekend...ears would ring all week
so we bit the bullet and spent the $$$$$ and suppressed all my centrefires.
the experts tell us that suppressors only reduce actual kick/recoil by a small amount but its the "in the head bit" (cant spell for shite so not going to attemp the phyc......word) that counts.all my centrefire loads have crept back up to hot since fitting suppressors,my maximum shooting range has increased as my CONFIDENCE in ability to hit where I aim has improoved.
you mentioned pump action shotgun.....DO NOT use remington hypersonic through it........unless you really want to,but make sure and come back to tell us how you get on.
I was short shucking action and ducks were not dieing any faster...pretty hard for dog to swim with her paws jammed in her ears too.
my shottie is heavy to begin with and has further 11oz of lead up inside the soaks up normal 3" steel well but them green demonic shite storms were just too much.
funny thing is recoil doesnt normally effect me with an animal in sights,only on paper.....less to think about and time to do it.
seriously those grren things are darn right unpleasant.NEVER again.


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