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Ruger M77 mk2 Beding

23 Oct 2019
@ 11:13 am (GMT)

Ivan Roos

Hello all i have a M77 mk2 stanless steel with the plasty stock it came with its chambered in 30/06 and has had a trigger job i would like to bed it to get the most accuracy i can its currently shooting approx 2 moa . My question is should i full bed the barrel or free float ive read different things about this and m77s in general that they are not meant to be free floated because of the angled front screw i would like to use my origanal stock ive read nathans book and would use his method of filling with apoxy. So please if any one has experience with these rifles please help i love the gun but ther is not alot of info online that i can find on this subject thanks.


24 Oct 2019
@ 11:44 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Ruger M77 mk2 Beding
Hi Ivan. If I recall, Nathan put out a video about bedding the M77. I'm not sure which forum it was in, but it's here somewhere, give it a search. What I do recall is it worked wonders for mine in 338WM. And yes, the barrel is floated.
25 Oct 2019
@ 08:21 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Ruger M77 mk2 Beding
Hi Ivan, I answered your email before you posted this. Check your spam, the email may be there.

I will also put the M77 video link below. Based on the Accurizing book, this vid focuses exclusively on the M77, covers bedding and other aspects of accurizing, a full step by step DIY accurizing project:


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