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7mm Rem Mag 162gr SST, 162gr Amax and 162gr Interlock

13 Oct 2019
@ 12:15 pm (GMT)

Luis Vazquez

Reading about Amax and SST's got me thinking.

I have a box of 7mm 162gr Amax and 2 boxes of the 162gr SST, I also have 4 boxes of the 162gr Interlock BTSP.

I have not tried them yet on my 7mm Rem Mag, but want to develop some loads with H1000 or maybe IMR-4831. H1000 seems to push them faster and is also temperature insensitive. I tried IMR-4350 but that didn't work out and I also have some RL19 I can try. The only issue with H1000 is that it's hard to find.

I was planning on using the SST for Elk if I ever get drawn for it and also for Mule deer, and leave the 154gr SST's I have for Coues deer, and use the 162gr Interlocks for practice. The Amax I still havent decided what to do with them. My max for hunting shots is 600m and I think at this distance the 162gr SST will outperform the Amax on killing ability.

What do you all recommend? Is this a good idea?

Thanks in advance and best regards,



14 Oct 2019
@ 07:23 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 7mm Rem Mag 162gr SST, 162gr Amax and 162gr Interlock
Hi Luis, it really depends on what your rifle likes. Set yourself up with the most accurate bullet.

If you are shooting to 600, the 162gr SST will be fine. But do try to get yourself into a position where you are using one load for the majority of your shooting, just for the sake of familiarity.

The Interlocks can be used for fireforming if need be. But there is no need to burn off ammo. Guys sometimes tell me that they have projectiles 'they need to get through'. But I remember the 2008 recession followed by the panic buying and ammo shortages thereafter. Spare projectiles are a good thing and I don't see it as being wasteful to have them sitting around.
14 Oct 2019
@ 02:03 pm (GMT)

Luis Vazquez

Re: 7mm Rem Mag 162gr SST, 162gr Amax and 162gr Interlock
Hi Nathan and thank you.

I really like how the 139gr SST performs on my 7mm-08 so I'll develop a load for them. These SST bullets will last me 5 or more years. We cant hunt much here but a couple times a year and usually shoot one or 2 rounds at game we hunt and another 10 or 15 when sighting in.

I know the Interlock is also a great hunting bullet so I might use some after Im done with the SST's.

Hadn't though that I also have a few boxes of the 160gr Sierra Gamekings, both the SPBT and HPBT, but ld rather use the Hornady ones for hunting and then maybe these for practice.

I'll go through oneat a time as you mentioned for familiarity. Thanks for the advice.

Hope the family is doing good and thanks again.



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