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New mindset, new project?

28 Aug 2019
@ 07:31 pm (GMT)

Nick Dawson

As you may have seen in my previous post, I’ve been looking at ‘lightening the load’ backpacking around the place with my 5R. During this process of hunting carrying and pondering, I’ve realised that the long range aspect of hunting is not for me, and Im going go back to basics stalking the bush and hills here. Standard ranges of 50-250yds just like we used to before all the fancy stuff. If the animals are too far, I just need to get closer. The Sightron 4-20x50 that was on it has been sold already....

I can bring myself to get the 5R barrel turned down a couple of profiles, and so far there isn’t much interest from anyone wanting to buy it, so I’m thinking of putting that barrel aside and screwing a new one on. And here’s the unusual bit.... I’m wondering about the .358 Winchester.

I’ve been curious about the cartridge for a while and never shot a medium bore before. To some I guess it would seem strange to have a .358 Win house in an H-S Varmint stock, but going buy what Nathan says it’s probably a good stock for a bit of recoil control. With a #3 barrel should be about 7 3/4lb bare. Probably a good weight for a lightweight like me to shoot.

What are your opinions guys? Have I lost the plot here?


29 Aug 2019
@ 02:22 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: New mindset, new project?
There's never a problem changing direction before you start. It's only when you're halfway through that re-thinking causes grief. Just a quick glance at the ballistics say it will do just fine at your yardages. Recoil shouldn't be too bad. Most mid-bores "roll" rather than "punch" , but that's a personal observation. Sounds like a fun gun to shoot.
29 Aug 2019
@ 03:22 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

Re: New mindset, new project?
Managing recoil for accuracy is always ever present.

.308/180 gr. recoil 13.5 ft/lb
45-70/300 gr. recoil 16-18 ft/lb
30-06/180 gr. recoil 15 ft/lb
.358 Win/200 gr. recoil 33.4 ft/lb

approximate ft/lb values but a scale to judge the "KICK"

Keep the .308, reduce the weight, mount a low power-low profile scope (just above the barrel) with excellent light gathering optics.
29 Aug 2019
@ 06:23 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: New mindset, new project?
hi Nick
sounds like a good idea.
i shoot a 35/303 with a 22" trueflite barrel on it no5 profile i'm getting 2500fps with 200gr ftx's.

when i was setting mine up i did few calculations as barrel profiles are based on outside dimensions so if you get say no4 profile in 243 it's lot heavier then a 338.
i calculated roughly what profile i needed based on what barrel profiles i liked then allowed for the bigger bore it's not exact but just gives an idea.

ill just use bergara as an example as they list size at the muzzle
their hunter barrel is 17mm or .67" and if you like the weight of it in a 308 its
if we then what similar weight in a 358 win

trueflite list diameters at the muzzle for contours
no3 .65
no4 .70
no5 .75

hope that's a little help no3 will be ultralight around tikka kinder profile at a guess in 358 bore.
if i done mine again i would probably do no4 or do a taper of stepped barrel for something different.

29 Aug 2019
@ 09:59 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: New mindset, new project?
"Keep the .308, reduce the weight, mount a low power-low profile scope (just above the barrel) with excellent light gathering optics."
That's by far the cheapest and easiest option as your going to remove the barrel anyway. As people have said the a 20" 308W is no slouch and maintains the dual role capabilities if wanted later on.

I use a Tikka T3 9.3mm and the barrel contour on that is far to light for the bore size. Its not hard to shoot but it needs good solid technique. Especially after stalking the hills for days on end chasing Sambar.
Its light to carry which everyone seems obsessed with these days though l prefer to shoot and carry the weight of our Howa O6 in the same shaped laminated Boyds stock.
07 Sep 2019
@ 08:35 pm (GMT)

Nick Dawson

Re: New mindset, new project?
So, to wrap this all up with where I got to....

Eventually I found someone who wanted the 5R to get into some long range shooting, and have done a deal for his Remington Stainless ADL .308 and cash my way. Ended up a better solution than modifying a great rifle, as he is going to use it as it is.

Looking forward to ‘working it up’ and getting out and climbing some hills with it. Thanks for the advice along the way guys!
08 Sep 2019
@ 01:42 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: New mindset, new project?
Sounds like a good deal. Have fun with the new rifle.


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