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HSM ammunition with Berger bullets

27 Aug 2019
@ 04:37 pm (GMT)

Joel Macha

wondering why you don't have performance and/or wounding data using the HSM ammunition loaded with Berger bullets or the Federal loads with Berger bullets? is it lack of availability? these bullets have some of the highest BC's and perform beautifully,similar to the Hornady SST but more accurate.


27 Aug 2019
@ 05:19 pm (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: HSM ammunition with Berger bullets
Hi Joel the Berger’s can be a bit hit and miss with performance since 2011 when the thickened up there jackets couple this with a tiny hollow point that is sometimes completely closed at lower velocity pencil hole wounding is very common without hitting bone. And penetrating 4” before expanding? What a crock of shit
The SST is a far superior bullet being a lot more reliable with fragmentation and expansion
28 Aug 2019
@ 09:15 am (GMT)

Joel Macha

Re: HSM ammunition with Berger bullets
i agree the SST is superior in expansion and damage but i use them in a 25.06 for Texas coyotes 200 yards or less with good success and a pelt that doesn't have a grape fruit sized exit hole.
28 Aug 2019
@ 11:31 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: HSM ammunition with Berger bullets
Joel tha'ts what I'd call using a bullet that suits the caliber, range and target species.
25.06 a hot fast Cal
inside 200 yards high speed impact
Target with soft skin and spindly bones

You don't say what size the bullet is grains?

HSM Trophy Gold Ammunition 25-06 Remington 115 Grain Berger Hunting VLD Hollow Point Boat Tail Box of 20

Grain Weight 115 Grains
Muzzle Velocity 3165 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy 2559 Foot Pounds

You'd probably get way better performance if you developed your own custom reloads.. At 200 you should be able to head shoot stationary targets and get no pelt damage unless you need the head skins to mount for trophy's

Joel have you read Nathans Cartridge Knowledge base pages?

Here is what he said.......

"One last bullet worth mentioning is the Berger’s 115 grain VLD hunting bullet. Like the 120 grain Speer BTSP, this is a highly frangible projectile and not ideally suited to larger bodied animals at close ranges. This particular VLD is best suited to lighter bodied game weighing up to 60kg (130lb), perhaps heavier game at a push, out to ranges of around 625 to 650 yards. BC is a very high .523."

Sounds about the right medicine for Wylie Coyote......
28 Aug 2019
@ 02:38 pm (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: HSM ammunition with Berger bullets
The proliferation of bullets must make it tough for Nathan: Do I shoot every goat in sight, or leave a few for my clients?
29 Aug 2019
@ 08:17 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: HSM ammunition with Berger bullets
Hi Scott, thanks for your considerate words. Yes, unfortunately this work is time consuming and financially demanding.

At this time of posting, you will find my most recent research in the Cartridges book. This has plenty of info for those wanting the low down on extended range killing.

Otherwise, we have had to put our publicly donated research aside temporarily while working on a current research project which is now finally coming to a close. Once this is completed, I want to get back to the KB, uploading the .44's and .45's. It will be a while before I start back through again.

As an aside, please pay close attention to Chris's 2011 comments above.
30 Aug 2019
@ 12:40 pm (GMT)

Luis Vazquez

Re: HSM ammunition with Berger bullets
Hi Joel, it is know that the Bergers are dead accurate but not always reliable.

Some hunters will open up the hollow point a bit with a drill bit to ensure proper expansion at longer ranges and avoid the bullet just leaving a pencil size hole and causing the animal a slow death.

At close range ir can blow up and also cause a slow death by failing to properly reach and damage the vitals.

A heavy for caliber SST pushed at the right apeed will do far better and more reliably.

For example, on my 7mm-08 the 139gr SST with a muzzle velocity at just above 2,800 fps is an awesome killer at up to 500m. Always expands reliably and no bullet blow up.

However I would not use this bullet on my 7mm Rem Mag, it would blow up on impact at close ranges, but a 154gr SST or preferably the 162gr SST works perfectly on this cartridge and at long range as well.

Hope this helps




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