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Whelen-Type Sling

27 Aug 2019
@ 03:57 am (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin

Gentlemen, do any of you use the Whelen-type slings? Those allow for tight "tricep" hold with the same arm-hand in the fore and a loose strap between the arm and butt swivel, preventing the sling from tilting the rifle from behind.

I've been using a Montana Sling for years but it seems this is by far superior, as tightening my current sling does result in tilts.

This comes due to a recent deep dive into everything Jack O'Connor - what a man! My bet is that Dear Leader @Nathan will be remembered like this as well, jaja.

Feedback on the sling type appreciated.




27 Aug 2019
@ 07:43 am (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: Whelen-Type Sling
Hi Ricardo this design has a lot of merit my only concern or bug with it would be speed of set up in the event of needing to get a shot off quickly.
Having to thread your arm though with sleeves etc as apposed to a quick wrap.
But this is all guessing from me as I have not tried the design.
28 Aug 2019
@ 09:45 am (GMT)

Kelvin Brace

Re: Whelen-Type Sling
Thanks Ricardo!
I have been after a sling system like this for ages :-) After some reading and searching have sourced one at and am going through the motions to see how I can get it to me in NZ.
No idea on actual performance - but its cheap enough to have a play and so will get one when I can. I'll re-post once I have some time with it - keen to hear how you go as well!
Reminds me of the jackets that sound like straight jackets used by Carlos Hathcock etc as described in the book about him "Marine Sniper".
Interesting that these guys all were after "rock solid" shooting platforms, and the contrast to nowadays where just isn't a thing much!


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