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Ruger M 77 Hawkey all weather

25 Aug 2019
@ 05:23 pm (GMT)


Hello everybody, a norwegian here.
Resently I bought this rifle, merely used in 6,5x55 swede.
If it want shot properly, 1 MOA, what could bee done to her?
I have already ordered a new trigger spring, that should bring the trigger down to about 1,5-2 Lbs.

I have been in contact with Ruger before I bought here, they told me that this rifle, is not free floated it has a presure point, the stock is ruger synth stock used on the hawkey rifles.

They also told me to torque the front plate screw to 95 inch ponds and the trigger guard rear and center evenly and incrementally to final level of 45-60 inch lbs.

I wonder what could bee done other than changing the trigger spring, free floating and bedding by a gunsmith?

Fit the bedding pillars from Brownells ?

This is of course if it want shoot properly, I gong try it before altering something, with different ammo hand loaded and fabric.

The scoope is a leuopold european, I dont know more about it but it look like a 3-9x50.

The reason I bought here, is because I wanted a stainles rifle with CRF in 6,5x55, I am thankfull for all help.


26 Aug 2019
@ 02:35 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Ruger M 77 Hawkey all weather
Hello, and welcome.

Triggers are always a good start, and bedding is another. However, the pillars you linked to are, in my opinion, not a good idea. I have a set that I ordered years ago and they are still sitting on my bench. There diameter is grossly oversized. You will have to remove way too much stock material to get them to bed and fit. Again, this is just an opinion.

I'm pretty sure that there is a vimeo or tutorial about the Hawkeye somewhere on this site. I don't have one, so I just glossed over it, but I'm sure it's here.
26 Aug 2019
@ 04:13 am (GMT)

Per Aakre

Re: Ruger M 77 Hawkey all weather
Thank you.
But can the ruger with pressure point be free floated? I am not sure myself.
Maybe I can shim her to try free floated vs presure point, but as mentioned before I will first try her without altering.
Just a thought, is it possible to trim of the pillars instead of the stock?

Complete honesty I am not mr handyman myself, but I live 1 hour from a qualified gunsmith so if bedding and free floating can bee done, I will do it immediatly.

Hoping I would manage to install the new trigger spring.
26 Aug 2019
@ 05:55 am (GMT)

Per Aakre

Re: Ruger M 77 Hawkey all weather
Yes thats true.
I know that hunting is not from a benk, but I have a super steady and heavy shooting rest and some training.
So with a lighter trigger spring I think I should bee able to decide the rifles accuracy.
26 Aug 2019
@ 08:51 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Ruger M 77 Hawkey all weather
Sorry, Per. I guess I was thinking of the Ruger American vimeo. I didn't see one on the Hawkeye.
26 Aug 2019
@ 04:59 pm (GMT)

Per Aakre

Re: Ruger M 77 Hawkey all weather
Thats fine! I am tone update when I have test shoot the rifle.
29 Aug 2019
@ 09:10 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Ruger M 77 Hawkey all weather
Hi Per, welcome aboard.

That was correct Paul, here is the link:

Ruger can be a bit off the mark sometimes. If you want to test shoot this, nip up your front screw, then loosely fit both the middle and rear screw, then close the floor plate so that the floor plate shifts the trigger guard to the correct position. Once the floor plate is closed, tighten the rear screw to around 30 to 35 inch-lb. next drop the floor plate and tighten the front to about 45 inch-lb. You can try going tighter. On the Ruger, 90 to 95 will strip the cross slot of the screw head if the driver is not perfectly fitted. So in cave man terms, do it up but without damaging it. I suggest you go firm, but not cave man. This leaves the middle screw.

On the plastic Hawkeye, the middle section of the stock is extra weak and can flex. Do this screw up just enough so that its not rattling.

On the wood and laminate Ruger, both the middle and tang are weak points. The middle is a flex point, the tang is a crush point due to the small surface area. On some wood or laminates (without pillars), if you go to 45 inch-lb at the tang, you might here a pop as the stock splits. All of this is explained in detail in the video.

The pressure points are primarily designed to help overcome any barrel temper issues. They also help overcome budget stock issues / poor fit. Fortunately, the Hawkeye barrels are better than the earlier 2000 - 2011 barrels. If you have concerns about alterations, it will be best to leave them in place during the initial test shoot. If you want to see how the rifle shoots without these, you may be able to use the mock methods in the Accurizing book to lift the action slightly and float the barrel without altering it (including a shim if need be). This may allow you to isolate the barrel for testing (provided the forend does not flex and contact the pressure points) and also provide some clearance for the mag box which is generally poorly fitted (box fitting also covered in the video along with trigger info).

Shimming alone is OK, provided you do not end up with side play.

The Rugers will often shoot about 2.5 MOA out of the box.These are a nice rifle to learn on, working down and below the MOA mark and a great action for what you are wanting. Yours should have the 87mm mag box and can handle all the medium cartridges along with the .30-06 if you ever feel like a change.


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