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Galvanic Corrosion Protection

20 Aug 2019
@ 12:57 pm (GMT)

Dan Keene

What is your preferred anti seize product to prevent galvanic corrosion? EG Stopping steel bolts corroding into alloy castings.
I have been using copper grease and just discovered that I am probably making thigs worse by using it in that application.
Thank you.


20 Aug 2019
@ 02:07 pm (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: Galvanic Corrosion Protection
Hi Dan CRC Lanocote or and good lanolin grease is what you want
20 Aug 2019
@ 10:35 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Galvanic Corrosion Protection
I've used both Never Seize ( and Fluid Film ([/url][/url].

Fluid Film is lanolin based, and in the aerosol can, very convenient to use, but even technology can't get rid of the wet sheep smell.

Never Seize was used as a barrier between an aluminum channel, steel shims, and a bronze bushing. Never had a problem. It even arrested the corrosion that occurred before treatment.
20 Aug 2019
@ 10:42 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Galvanic Corrosion Protection
Correction to spelling: Never Seez

Correction to link (maybe):
21 Aug 2019
@ 10:39 am (GMT)

Dan Keene

Re: Galvanic Corrosion Protection
Chris, Paul.
Thank you!
Problem solved with the added benefit of wet sheep smell.
God I love that smell!! Gets me quite excited.
21 Aug 2019
@ 09:39 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Galvanic Corrosion Protection
Dan read this on Corrosion, Zincs & Bonding for an idea on whats happening if your interested.

And I'd use CRC SOFT SEAL.

Lanolin will have embarrassing side effects of involuntary hip thrusting and upwards curling of the lips! and low deep and loud bleating!!!! EWE have been warned................

You'll find that any Copper and Nickel based anti seize will cause all kinds of corrosion issues when used with dissimilar metals in damp environments........

CRC Soft Seal provides a dry transparent, amber waxy film for heavy protection of parts that will not wash or wipe off even in severe conditions. It is a premium heavy-duty, long-term, indoor/outdoor corrosion inhibitor for machined metal surfaces and assemblies subjected to long periods of storage or adverse shipping conditions. It is highly resistant to humidity, salt water and spray, chemicals and corrosive atmospheres.

CRC Soft Seal is suitable for the protection and storage of electrical circuits and components, heat pump exterior units and condensers, metal parts and assemblies, alloy extrusions, dies and moulds, battery terminals and connectors. It protects for up to 2 years when exposed to severe salt spray conditions.

Temperature Range -20°C to +100°C.
Features & Benefits

Seals out moisture and corrosive contaminants
Forms a dry, transparent, amber film which is highly resistant to humidity, salt water and salt spray
Never becomes brittle and will not crack
Will not attack plastic, rubber, paint or insulation material
Easy re-application over existing film and/or clean surfaces
Easily removes with CRC Brakleen or mineral spirits
Withstands 400 hours of salt spray test
Temperature Range -20°C to +100°C


Electrical circuits and components
Heat pump exterior units and condensers
Metal parts and assemblies
Alloy extrusions
Dies and moulds
Battery terminals and connectors
21 Aug 2019
@ 09:56 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Galvanic Corrosion Protection
The ultimate would be Res-Q-Steel. It is red in color and quite messy as its a paste but it works wonders on Ship propeller nuts in sea water for four years It's a bit $pendie..... but a pot last for years and it works a treat......
22 Aug 2019
@ 07:48 am (GMT)

Tony Potter

Re: Galvanic Corrosion Protection
I'll second Warwicks 2 choices. Especially the Res-Q-Steel .Use this at work on nuts& bolts for Boiler shut down & flanges on steam cylinders pipe work . It doesn't dry out like some other products.
22 Aug 2019
@ 12:57 pm (GMT)

Dan Keene

Re: Galvanic Corrosion Protection
Hi Warwick,
Thank you for the link. I am not a boatie so most of that paper was outside my personal experience. I read through it because it was fascinating and I love to learn new things.
Thanks for the CRC links. I use Soft Seal on my guns based on Naths recommendations and like the results.
This whole line of enquirey started because of my grand daughters bike. Steel frame and alloy seat post. The seat post seizes in the frame really easily. Still now I have a much better handle on this galvanic stuff.
I bought some Lanotec and it works a treat! A couple of dabs behind the wifes ears and it is all on in no time!!
Thank you too Tony for backing up Warwick on the Res-Q-Steel. It is probably more than I need.
Cheers Guys!


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