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Barrel contour change (re-profiling)

14 Aug 2019
@ 08:51 am (GMT)

Nick Dawson

Hi all,

I’m after any advice or experience with having a barrel re-contoured. I feel that I need to drop a bit of weight off my 5R as the 10.5lbs is bloody hard work for big days in the steep stuff. I’m not talking about taking a huge amount off the barrel, but would like the rig to get closer to 9.5lbs.
I know that such operations (including fluting) are generally detrimental to light barrels, but can it be done on a varmint contour given that there is so much more ‘meat’ in the barrel?

I know that Nathan and others prescribe to more training, which I of course do, but I think that 10.5lbs for a 308 is a bit on the heavy side. If it was a 5R in 300 win mag, that’s a different story....



14 Aug 2019
@ 05:59 pm (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: Barrel contour change (re-profiling)
Hi Nick yes the barrel can be re contured and fluted but with any machining to the barrel it will need to be stress relived so make sure who ever you get to do it does this if in NZ contact Grant at True Flite
14 Aug 2019
@ 06:02 pm (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: Barrel contour change (re-profiling)
just an add on you would be better off looking at a lighter stock and keeping the heft in the barrel. cut barrel to 20" if its not already
14 Aug 2019
@ 09:02 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Barrel contour change (re-profiling)
Chris has offered some sound advice with the barrel length in 308w Nick.

A few years ago l went over a shot with Nathan using his 308w Rem that at the time was either 20 or 22 inch varmint and noticed a big difference in the way it carried and transported compared to my 26" 308w Police (the 5R's poorer cousin).

We use Identical 168 grain handloads and in the field l could pick no difference in results or recoil etc. though l'm happy to lug it or my 300wm as they are well settled off the pack etc.
16 Aug 2019
@ 09:59 am (GMT)

Nick Dawson

Re: Barrel contour change (re-profiling)
Thanks for the input guys. I’m going to sit on it for a bit, as I just can’t bring myself to ‘hack’ the rifle just because I don’t want to carry it. The other thing I’ve been thinking about is the fact that I have to actively seek out places to use the 5R the way it’s designed to be used. i.e walk 4 hours to a lookout over a slip, where I could have spent that time hunting the bush with something a bit more compact and better to use offhand.
17 Aug 2019
@ 04:23 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

Re: Barrel contour change (re-profiling)
Tab gear has a shoulder harness for carrying heavy barrel rifles. This rig requires mounting points on the side of the firearm to stabilize the rifle with the bolt facing away from your back OR put your day pack over the rifle for stability. This allows freedom to carry an open sight firearm, R1 Benelli in my case, and negates the requirement for taping into the stock to install metal tabs that will snag on anything.

Total weight of my shoulder harness with heavy barrel rifle and day-pack is 28 lbs.

Day Pack
• Balaclava and Head Lamp
• Ski Goggles
• Wool Mitts and liner gloves
• Pair of Socks
• 2 pairs of Tip-less finger gloves and Interior gloves
• Compass and Small First Aid Kit
• Latex gloves and Hand cleaners
• Bowie – Buck – SOG – Knives
• Small Bone Saw
• Mosquito Net
• Bear Spray
• Water proof X-Large pants and Jacket
• 1 belt – Velcro
• Water Canteen – raisins and pecans
• Signal flares – waterproof matches and magnesium fire striker
• 50’ of rope
• Deep Woods Off – Insect repellent

Now your time can be utilized stalking on the way to your hide. Take your time, rest often and enjoy the scenery. Make a day of it or a day and night if rain isn't in the forecast. Nothing like being shyte scared spending a night in the bush without a fire. Usually I wait for a killing frost as the mosquitoes are a constant harassment.

Just saying...
17 Aug 2019
@ 07:12 am (GMT)

bryan long

Re: Barrel contour change (re-profiling)
pretty simple solution.

Number of guns you have now, plus one!

Or else chop the barrel, why not chop a barrel you don't want to carry. Little if any effect on speed or accuracy. Nothing sacred about 5R
17 Aug 2019
@ 07:39 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

Re: Barrel contour change (re-profiling)
7.5 lb open sites semi auto for up to 100 yards, just weighed the R1-
great camp site weapon, no scope, easily managed in the dark-
try swinging a scope around in the bush for a close quarters encounter or at night - great for self defense from an injured or bad tempered predator at close quarters- the bush is not a video game it is the real shyte-no quarter will be given from a predator-bears eat their prey alive-you can smell them at times before you can see them-my reason for 2 firearms
Just saying...


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