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308 Win 168 gr ELD® Match Superformance® Match

21 Jul 2019
@ 05:53 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

Admission of learning through experience rather than listening to hype. This I did.

A few months past the idea of using this cartridge for hunting was an unethical idea. Marketing labeling this as a match ONLY bullet and reading about an unfavorable shot using the bullet molded the thought process

Thinking about the wall using an ELD-X 178 at 650 - 700 yard and the possibility that the ELD-X would not perform out to this distance as marketed motivated the purchase and use of the ELD M SP 168. The coyotes went down without further motion at 575 and 625 yards. Yeah overkill for the dogs but a truer test than paper.

Gaining knowledge from the author of the well written books has provided ethical kills and will certainly ensure this in the near future.

Too bad more of the hunting public is not aware of this resource. I engaged the Director of Wildlife Policy Fish and Wildlife Policy of Alberta in a discussion to instill ethical hunting by having shooting competitions for special draws on moose, elk and mule deer. Negativity right out of the gate BUT the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association president thought it a viable idea. I was shot down. Hahaha. The idea was but the thought may have been there from the minister.

Must of been the timing or possibly the old boys club would never again see a special license if we became competitive. One club member stated to me "Why would I want that? I'd never again get a special draw." No wonder the male species diminishes as they are too afraid to be competitive.

So, back to cartridges and ethical hunting. Yes for 300 yard plus shots the ELD M is the go to and for those close in shots the 165 gr SP InterLock.

I've got the Diavari 6 - 24 X 56 scope dialed in for those cartridges

Good Hunting!


21 Jul 2019
@ 08:50 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 308 Win 168 gr ELD® Match Superformance® Match
Thank you for your kind words Frank. I am glad to hear that you have been able to put my research into practical application. Thanks again, very thoughtful of you.


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