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Rem 700 5R Milspec 308

01 Sep 2013
@ 07:46 am (GMT)


Howdy all, just a question for 5R Milspec owners. I have a varmint T3 308 and it's a very accurate rifle, however I am thinking of setting up a 2nd 308 being a 5R in 308.

Has anyone had any issues with there 5R in 308?

What are your thoughts in general on these rifles?

Apart from bedding and trigger replacement, what else are you doing to get them up and running? Humming and harring if I should just do a custom build. I like the look of the 5Rs and did even think about a 300 win mag but not sure about barrel life, I shoot a lot of rounds.

Tanks, regards Macca.


03 Sep 2013
@ 08:03 pm (GMT)

S Lindsay

Re: Rem 700 5R Milspec 308
Hi Macca,
I've had a 5R 308 for almost a year and I absolutely love it! It has a Timney trigger, was bedded, and I had the barrel cut back to 20", which helps with the weight (11 pounds with scope and sling) and takes nothing away from the accuracy. It is incredibly accurate with most of my groups below 0.500" at 100 yards. My best group has been 0.219". A few weeks ago I took a bull caribou with it at 270 yards. I really could not be happier with the rifle.
03 Sep 2013
@ 08:06 pm (GMT)

S Lindsay

Re: Rem 700 5R Milspec 308
Also, if you go to page 6 of this section of the forum, there is a thread started by Trevor Wilkes about six months ago that I found very helpful.
04 Sep 2013
@ 10:21 am (GMT)

Trevor Wilkes

Re: Rem 700 5R Milspec 308
Gday Macca.
I think you would be happy with the 5r I had mine bedded fitted rifle basix trigger and lugs lapped and its currently shooting 0.300 - 0.500 at 200 yards with the 168 amax and 2206H/H4895 if I do my part.
Only thing I dont like is the palm swell as I dont have big hands but it dosnt hinder my shooting.
The bolt is no where as smooth as the tikka but that could be just my rifle everytime I go to a gun shop I want to slap the cash down for a tikka varmint but common sense prevails I have enough rifles im bit like a woman in a shoe shop.

Cheers Trev.
04 Sep 2013
@ 05:04 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Rem 700 5R Milspec 308
Hi Macca, I have a vid on youtube, goat shooting at 800 yards with the 5R .308. That rifle belongs to another forum member Dan Keene. Its been a good year or so now since that project and since Dan shot that goat. The rifle is still shooting .250 MOA, Dan has had great success with the rifle on Red deer. There are plenty of supportive notes in the long range book.
05 Sep 2013
@ 04:49 am (GMT)


Re: Rem 700 5R Milspec 308
S. Lindsay thanks for that info to the link, there's some good info there.

Thanks also Trevor, I can relate to the female in shoe shop thing that's for sure, I also have a few but plan to get rid of a few of the older ones (room for the new). I pick up a new CZ rimfire tomorrow and may drop a deposit on a 5R. My Tikka 308 varmint shoots real nice but I thought the 5r may be a better long term platform. I shoot a lot of rounds in practice and it would be good to have another 308. I did also think of the 5r in a 300 or a Sendero in 7mm rem mag. To get another 308 or go a bit bigger mmmm?

Nathan I have now read some real good things on the 5R. It seems most folks bed and replace triggers and they are real shooting machines after that. I did notice after reading your book that you were a staunch fan of the 5Rs and the Senderos, looks like they perform as good as they also look.

I must have missed the 5R 835 yard hit on the goat, I am still reading through all the info on the site. You have done a top job with sharing your knowledge with other shooters and I have learn't a lot from your book and this site so keep up the good work mate. I have not been in to the long range stuff for that long but I am confident at this stage to make 600m first round hits on game out bush, I learn new things every time I head out.

So I suppose the question for me will be do I drop a deposit on a 5R or not, you can never have enough shooting appliances.

Cheers Macca.


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