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Bedding seating stem for eld-x

23 Jun 2019
@ 11:17 pm (GMT)

Connor Huntbach

Hi all, I recently ran into a problem with my Hornady dies crimping 143gr eld-x bullets wich I was loading in my 6.5x284. I knew that you could get eld specific seating stems but I needed a quick fix so I drilled out the seating stem, filled it with jb weld and then pushed in a greased up 143 eld-x. 24 hours later I removed the bullet from the stem and the jb weld had formed perfectly to the shape of the bullet. So far I have loaded 250 rounds of ammunition and the jb weld is still working perfectly and my bullets are perfectly free of any marks. Sorry if this is common knowledge but I just thought I would share this tip. Cheers [b][


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