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Boddington on the .30-06

22 Jun 2019
@ 04:34 am (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin

It seems to be age, but every day I like this guy even more. A beacon of light in an extremely polarized US gun industry.

This is visual gold: "Now, to be absolutely fair and impartial, everything said about the .30-06 can be equally applied to the .308 Winchester. Because of greater case capacity, the .30-06 runs at least 100 to 150 fps faster than the .308 with all bullet weights, the gap widening with heavier bullets. So, the .30-06 shoots flatter and delivers more energy. Most game animals won’t notice the difference. The .30-06 also kicks more, requires a longer action, and on average isn’t quite as accurate. I prefer the .30-06, but if you prefer the .308 you won’t get any argument out of me."

Cheers from Mexico.


24 Jun 2019
@ 10:34 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Boddington on the .30-06
Now that's a good read, Ricardo. Sounds very familiar, somehow.

"More important is to not get too caught up in hype and decide what level of performance you need" .

How can you possibly argue with that?
08 Aug 2019
@ 10:53 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Boddington on the .30-06
"Generations of recruits whined about its brutal recoil!" I see guys at the range with muzzle brakes on their AR's. If I'm under attack, give me an '06 with a steel butt plate anyday.


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