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Re: Bitten by the Medium Bore Bug

18 Jun 2019
@ 01:15 pm (GMT)

Luke Lahdenranta

So I started this thread about a year and a half ago, when after reading Nathan's medium bore cartridge write ups way, way too many times i found myself bitten by the medium bore bug and just had to get one. I went back and forth on a bunch of different options with a 9.3x62, the Ruger Guide gun 375 and 338 Win mag being the top contenders...

But sometimes a good deal is what is needed to break the dead lock so I just ended up the proud new owner of a Weatherby MK V Lefthanded in 340 Weatherby !! More cartridge then I will probably ever need but lots of horsepower here to play with. I dont think I would have gone for the deal but the rifle includes reloading dies and a good bunch of brass so that helps a lot since I can reload for it from the get go. Also I can also just start my reloads low and just go up as my shoulder can stand it...

Speaking of recoil my main question right now is what to scope it with since with the recoil of this gun, eye relief is critical and from what I read this is a gun that can be a real scope killer. I have a Sightron SIII 3.5-10x4mm MD that might work, it should be a sturdy scope but the eye relief is 3.6-3.8" so maybe right on the borderline for this gun. I could swap some scopes around and put on either a Leupold 4x or 6x fixed scope since they have well over +4" eye relief, although they may give up a little bit of flexibility being fixed power. Also what scope mounts to use? The gun is equiped with Weaver bases, but as far as I am concerned its an open field, I will buy whatever I need that will be reliable over the long term.



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