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348 Win Ackley

08 Jun 2019
@ 04:48 am (GMT)

Tom Elkinton

I'm going to acquire a second Browning model 71 in the next week or so and have been considering rechambering one of them to Ackley improved. Both are carbine length. Using 57.5 gr Varget behind 200 gr Hornady FTX my mv is 2615 fps, 100 fps more than I hoped for. The limited information I've been able to access suggests a possible mf increase of up to another 200 fps...seems unlikely. Lower chamber pressure and velocity increase are my primary goals for the conversion, but a concern is feeding, the tapered standard 348 feeds very well and the Ackley case will eliminate this taper, possibly hindering feeding into the new chamber. Anybody have experience with this conversion?


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