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Rebarrel remington 308 advice

22 May 2019
@ 02:47 pm (GMT)

Daryl Taylor

Hey there
Looking to rebarrel my current 308 from a 1 in 12 twist to a 1 in 10 twist.
Any advice on barrel makes, Shilen, True Flight, Hardy Carbon wrap? or others?
Looking to shoot out to 600m, mainly used on tahr, was thinking of building a load for the 178 grain hornady projectiles.
Any advice appreciated


22 May 2019
@ 04:23 pm (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: Rebarrel remington 308 advice
Hi Daryl.
I'm in Australia and use Maddco barrels. I find 168 A-Max work best for me.

22 May 2019
@ 10:11 pm (GMT)

Iain Kemp

Re: Rebarrel remington 308 advice
Sounds like you are in NZ. If so, I would check out True Flite first.

Whoever you decide to buy it from, inform yourself about contours and weight, and take responsibility for deciding what you want.

If you leave it up to someone else you will most likely end up with a truck axle, or far less likely, a soda straw. Either of these extremes may be fine if they are what you want, but not if they aren't.

You've decided on the twist, which is a good choice if you want to run the long and slipperies, but you need to make sure that you get the countour/weight that suits your needs.
22 May 2019
@ 10:15 pm (GMT)


Re: Rebarrel remington 308 advice
I forgot add that to me any sort of carbon wrap is unnecessary complication. Carbon wrap may look sexy but I am unconvinced that it offers any advantage. Two disadvantages are heat retention in the wrapped barrel, and the potential for damaging the carbon wrap when the barrel is chucked in a lathe.

Thta's no criticism of Hardy BTW, just the carbon craze.
23 May 2019
@ 10:48 am (GMT)

Daryl Taylor

Re: Rebarrel remington 308 advice
Awesome thanks for the advice - I was leaning towards True Flight so thats helped the decision.
Didnt give any thought to barrel contours - my understanding is thicker should be more accurate, is that correct?
Is there anything else I should be considering about barrel contours?
23 May 2019
@ 01:23 pm (GMT)


Re: Rebarrel remington 308 advice
Thicker is not necessarily more accurate. Thicker and heavier does settle more easily on the bags (or your oack) and is more forgiving of sub optimal technique, but it is not mechanically more accurate.

Thicker and heavier also provides a bigger heat sink, if bomb ups are on your agenda.

Although barrel contours are frequently referred to by number (1.2.3 etc) dimensions relevant to these numbers will vary between manufacturers.

With True Flite, I would look hard at their No 2. This appears to be quite a bit meatier than SOME US No. 2s., with, if I am reading their spec. correctly, a muzzle that will be around .625"/.650" at a finish length of 22"/24", This contour also has a bit more knox than some of the US No.2s, so all up should be plenty heavy enough to hold well without being unduly heavy.
The True Flite No 1 SHOULD be just accurate, but the extra weight of the No 2 will make it easier to get the most from your rifle. The True Flite No. 1 is also heavier than many US made No 1s.

If it was me, I would probably start at 24" and then think about chopping it once you have shot it. Nothing worse than fitting a short barrel and then finding out that you have scored a slow barrel. They can always be chopped, adding length is not possible.

To me, shortish, meaty (NOT truck axle meaty) barrels point and swing very well for bush shooting.
24 May 2019
@ 03:51 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

Re: Rebarrel remington 308 advice
Suggest reading the following article:

The .308 twist stability: Comparing bullet weights to twist rates.

I have a 1/12 heavy barrel. The 178 ELD-X is the most accurate of three cartridges: 168 Barnes, 168 Hornady being the other cartridges.

If twist rate was the only factor then the 178 should not be an accurate cartridge for a 1/12 as the bullet is longer.
24 May 2019
@ 08:36 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Rebarrel remington 308 advice
Hi Daryl
i would question if your re barreling just for more twist or you have accuracy issues.
have you gone through the steps in Nathan's accuracy book if you having accuracy issues.

for barrels you can't beat true flite and i believe they'll have the new manson M-852 Match reamer which will just help even more.

contour is a personal thing.
there's charts that tell you rough weight for each contour.
one thing to take note of is profile is taken off outside diameter so if its a 223 bore is lot heavier then say a 308 bore.
my favourite profile is no5 with a long knox but have a no3 profile on my magnum.
my next barrel i'm hoping Grant at trueflite will allow me to experiment with my curiosity on tapered barrels.
starting at no5 or no6 profile but finishing up at no2 or no3 at the muzzle.
27 May 2019
@ 07:54 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Rebarrel remington 308 advice
Hi Thomas, yes True-Flite do have the M-852 Match.

Daryl, I have a True-Flite 11 twist on my .308 rifle, same twist as the Tikka rifles. It shoots everything up to the 225gr ELD-M into small ragged groups, though such accuracy with the heaviest bullets should not be expected from an 11 twist.


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.