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Re: Used Remington SPS’s

22 May 2019
@ 12:58 pm (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

Some updates for everyone who’s been wondering how the project has been coming along:

- The rifle is fully assembled and ready to shoot. Everything has been threadlocked and torqued to either manufacturer’s specs or Nathan’s specs in the case of the action screws.

A quick summary of what I’ve done to a stock SPS 7mm Rem Mag circa 2008 manufacture:

- Stocky’s M50 Laminate w/aluminum block stock, middle swivel stud removed
- TriggerTech Primary trigger set as low as it goes (1.5 to 2 pounds)
- Warne’s “Mountain Tech” rail and rings
- Butler Creek Comfort Stretch sling, only for carrying due to high likelihood of snap shots only

Now for the interesting news:

I am not going to be working with my uncle to develop handloads for this rifle, or any of my other rifles. I love the guy, we enjoy shooting together and generally just chatting about guns and hunting, however, he’s been doing things his way for so many years now that he’s not particularly open to new techniques and approaches, such as what Nathan’s books entail.

This is NOT meant to be a condemnation of him as a person, I simply mean to say that I can feel a certain resistance in him to the new ideas, and I don’t wanna put any undue strain on the relationship.

So, simply put, I’ll be using factory ammo for the next year or two until I can fully equip myself with reloading equipment.

It’s a little unfortunate, but maybe it’s for the best, this way I can go my own way and have no outside pressures on my mind and decisions.


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