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Re: Barnes TSX Failure

08 May 2019
@ 08:29 am (GMT)

Anders Österberg

Some of you may be missing the point here. I was talking about recent batch issues. Lately I have been seeing issues with bullets weighing less than 100 grains at impact velocities over 2900fps in flesh, recovered bullets showing zero expansion. I suggested folk keep an eye on (test) their current ammo just to be sure. This has nothing to do with game shot in the past and comments of this nature have no relevance to this discussion.

When/where did you wrote that... not in this thread...?

I can't arguing about bad lots of bullet ...I haven't heard of it....
Do you have some internet literature about it ?

The monobullet hollowpoints like Barnes TTSX is relying on hydraulic expansion ... , so when shooting in solid dry materials like in wood they dont perform as they is designed .


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