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Hornady’s Little Red Corvette ( A-TIP )

26 Apr 2019
@ 05:11 am (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

A-TIP Match Bullets Boat Tail

A-TIP, as in atypical or aluminum tip or both.

Hornady has a new, quite high BC, bullet they have announced today.

In .243, .264, and .308

Question: With this long a bullet, where do you put enough powder to feed ultra high velocity?!/


26 Apr 2019
@ 08:41 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Hornady’s Little Red Corvette ( A-TIP )
Hi John, you'll see this thread is already running in the long range section.

Should be a good bullet but will take up a lot of mag space as you have suggested.
26 Apr 2019
@ 09:47 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

Re: Hornady’s Little Red Corvette ( A-TIP )
I do not load cartridges but am willing to wait for Hornady to provide a .308 cartridge with the correct powder to burn and propel the bullet.

Currently the 178 ELD-X fits into the .308 magazine for the long range rifle and is an accurate cartridge. Willing to wait for an A-TIP cartridge from Hornady to utilize as a bear defense in the R1. The R1 magazine allows for a longer cartridge.



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