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Light and fast vs slow and heavy

25 Apr 2019
@ 06:22 pm (GMT)

Nick Dawson

I’m in the process of working out a rifle build. It’s a lightweight hack that will get used for short range bush meat hunting, range work and eventually for teaching my daughter when she gets a bit older.

So here’s the question for you, you must pick an option... Not keen to get into a caliber debate here. Would you rather shoot:

A. A 6mm 85gr Nosler Partition at 2800fps, or
B. A 6mm 108gr Hornady ELD-M at 2550

into the boiler room of light medium game (up to 70kg) Range will be limited to 150-200yds so impact velocities around 2300 to 2200fps


25 Apr 2019
@ 10:32 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Light and fast vs slow and heavy
there are a lot of members that swear by the 85gr Sierra, as well.

If close,my choice would be the Partition.


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