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medium range "sniping" rifle ON A BUDGET!

21 Aug 2013
@ 12:57 am (GMT)

Ian Dingo

Hey Everyone,

I am contemplating building a medium range (out to 500 yds) "sniping" rifle probably in 7mm Rem Mag ON A BUDGET!

My question is what do you all think of using a Zastava M70 action as the core of this project?

ATM they are quite inexpensive, certainly cheaper than buying a Remington 700 as a donor.

Cheers Ian.


21 Aug 2013
@ 06:56 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: medium range "sniping" rifle ON A BUDGET!
Hi Ian, if it is a project rifle (custom barrel etc), I would prefer to spend more money, even if it means waiting for a lot longer, putting away a little bit of money at a time.

If you are looking at a complete rifle that simply needs to be tricked up, then yes it could be a nice project.

Regardless of what I think, you may prefer to explore the Zastava. I see the Oz auctions list the action at $525. You'll need to factor in a stock and cost of a custom barrel. Trigger work you can do yourself if you are able, same with bedding. You'll need to try and get a final estimate, then compare this to the cost of a Sendero etc.

Things to check:
Magazine length needs to be around 87MM. Longer if possible for future options.

Twist rate if buying a Zastava barrel. Needs to be 1:9 if possible or 1:9.25.

Current scope mounting options for the Zastava. One piece base if possible, have seen hole alignment / height problems with these actions in the past, no split friggin rings either.

If you did the project and it turned out to be a bit of a dud, you could turn it into a .358 Norma or .458 Win scrub cattle gun later? A bit of fun?
24 Aug 2013
@ 07:02 pm (GMT)

Ian Dingo

Re: medium range "sniping" rifle ON A BUDGET!
Funny how the universe works....Seem my mate is thinking of selling his long range outfit to me if we can agree on a price and if I can find the funds. It's had no more than 15 factory rounds through it and is in new condition.

Remington 5R in 300 Win Mag with a Sightron III 8-32 x 56 LRMOA.

I'll let you know how it pans out.

24 Aug 2013
@ 07:50 pm (GMT)

Lee Minhinnick

Re: medium range "sniping" rifle ON A BUDGET!
You wont go wrong with that set up if it shoots well enough. 1200 yard shots with practice if you wanted to push things that far. Pay your mate. Ready made set up rifles are less costly if you know there past and shoot straight. Remingtons have more after market parts and most gun smiths could fix or update it with ease. All this is nothing new just talking from past money wasted on past projects. A good rifle is one you reach for over all others because that's the one that floats your boat. Good luck and good hunting.



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