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Re: 280 Ackley Recommended Projectile Weights

17 Feb 2019
@ 10:46 am (GMT)


Looks pretty good to me Vince. You should be happy with that.

Just a couple of tips with the Montanas - if you already know, no harm done, but they may be helpful. I've owned a few of them and found some of this out the hard way.

1/ Kimber assembled many of the stainless 84Ls with the wrong front guard screw. For some reason best known to Kimber,they used the screw from the 84M which is .100" shorter. The result is only one turn of thread engagement in the action. The fix is a Rem 700 rear guard screw shortened to the correct length. If yours has the short screw, don't bother taking t up with Kimber. Whoever answered my email, claimed had shit for brains and claimed that the screw was correct for the model and designed that way. If they had just owned up and posted a new screw to all effected it would have been cheap, easy, and good PR.

2/ You may have already done this, but a light trigger pull is particularly helpful with such a light rifle. Any tension or flexing in your trigger hand is far more likely to result in rifle movement than with a heavier rifle.
Your groups suggest that is no issue at the range, but for me it occasionally has caused problems in the field. Mine are set at 2lbs. Any lighter and cold fingers can be a problem for me.
How you grip the pistol grip is very important for the same reason.

3/ Most important to grip the forend. Apart from the documented reasons regarding accuracy, if you use the crossed arms/no f/e grip position prone, and try for a rapid reload, the cocking resistance simply lifts the light rifle out of position and you lose sight picture and position making a good follow up shot very hard, particulalry if your scope is set at a high power.
I learnt this one on my first bull thar with the Montana - just had to watch it walk around till it fell over.

Enjoy the rifle. With that accuracy, it should be a joy to carry and to use.


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