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168gr - ELD-M or Sierra TMK for the .30-06??

16 Feb 2019
@ 04:57 am (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin


I've finally come around to picking the "Old Warhorse" as the winner of my go-to rifle competition. In Mexico, reloading components need to be special-ordered, so, given the following data, among the two mentioned above, what bullet would suit best??

- Ranges up to 500yds
- Game weight from 50 to 150kg
- Looking for sweet spots @ 2850fps as per the books

Your help appreciated. Saludos,



16 Feb 2019
@ 08:00 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 168gr - ELD-M or Sierra TMK for the .30-06??
HI Ricardo
I managed to pick up a spare 30.06 barrel for my tikka (currently 270) my plan is to when I eventually use it is to run 175grain tmk
from what I can workout the step up in bc vs velocity is worth it and hopefully touch of extra weight will help with the 30.06 extra velocity over 308.

I can't say for sure that's the best combo as I haven't tested it yet.
But thought I would share as it would be used in same situation.
General hack from bush stalking to cross valley shots on upto red deer size.

16 Feb 2019
@ 09:37 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Re: 168gr - ELD-M or Sierra TMK for the .30-06??
I've played some with the 168 gr and 178 gr Amax bullets in 30-06 and am currently testing the 195 Gr. TMK. If my parameters and goals were what you've stated above for range and game weight I would be very comfortable with the 168 gr bullet. 2850 fps is right about where I found my best accuracy with it and that velocity was not difficult to attain.

I know BC numbers vary slightly from the Amax to the ELD-M but all I've read leads me to believe terminal performance will be the same. The 178 gr. bullet was also easy to find solid accuracy with in my rifle. I've taken whitetail deer with both bullets and I have no complaints.

I have not yet hunted with the TMK. Last time out I was getting sub-MOA accuracy at about 2700 fps and had one group at less than half MOA. I'm eager to try it out in the field.

If I had an unexpected opportunity to hunt tomorrow with a max range of 500 yards and game weights between 50 and 150 kg and had to pick which bullet to load this evening..... I might be most comfortable with the 178 gr. Amax but I'd feel alright with any of these three bullets. If I think about it again in an hour I might change my pick. I just don't think you can go wrong in terms of terminal performance. Hopefully, your rifle will make the ideal choice obvious. If a short magazine is a factor then the 168 gr Hornady makes sense.

I hope you'll share what you learn along the way. I'm always interested to hear what other guys learn with their 30-06. Good luck.


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