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Re: .22 LR Remington 597

13 Feb 2019
@ 08:56 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

just for warwick reply the henry's 22 levers have a good rep.

Mark i have been using cci suppressor rounds lately i can't rate them enough, they kill really well.

the 22lr is an odd design in theory it shouldn't be as popular as it is, its heeled projectile (only centrefire i can think of that a heeled design is 310 cadet) and no freebore once again only one that comes to mind is the 22 hornet.

what's interesting is how tight the saami spec match chamber is compared to the sporting spec one.
must really make a difference but most be hundreds of different reamers around.

i was reading through trueflite website and notice they talked about a stock design for target shooting that clamps the barrel and free floats the action.
i started toying with the idea of doing this on a 10/22 but haven't go there yet.
after playing with the suppressor i got decent enough accuracy for what i use it for.
always catch with 10/22 how much do you uprgade on them as they are lego for men.
mine's pretty much stock standard carbine with volquartsen trigger kit in it.

what i really would like is a mid twin locking lug threaded in barrel with a recoil lug 22lr.
so far only thing i have found is a voodoo v-22 but they are one heck of an investment.


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