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short to medium

13 Feb 2019
@ 12:28 pm (GMT)

bryan long

I know here is more about beyond 500 yards in a way.

But if I can ask people to dial back, what .308 factory ammo is best from up close to 150 yards?
Beyonf 150 I'm going to used Hornady SPF 165sst (there's one dealer with this in stock in the whole country)

In Ireland there's no reloading and limited factory ammo

Options are Hornady 150,165 sst, 155 or 168 BTHP,150 interlock

or Federal
180 power shock or 150 nosler

or Sako 168 barnes ttsx, 123 soft point,

this will be on Sika and Fallow. Thanks, Bryan


13 Feb 2019
@ 12:57 pm (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

Re: short to medium
The 165 grain SST might be a little bit too heavy/stout on those deer. Unless it’s a big male Fallow, you’d probably be best served with just the standard 150 grain SST. The Nosler 150 grain BT would likely do very well also.

The 165 grain sst would be workable but the kills will probably be a little delayed.
13 Feb 2019
@ 03:06 pm (GMT)


Re: short to medium
Federal load both the 150 Nosler Ballistic Tip, and the Nosler 150 Partition in 308.

I think your sika may be a little smaller than the nz sika ?

Either way, the 150 BT should flatten either of those species.

The 150 Partition might be a little more consistent in on game performance but may be a little slower killing than the BT.
13 Feb 2019
@ 09:12 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: short to medium
Hi Bryan
before i started reloading i had good result with hornady whitetail ammo, most friends of mine use federal powershok.

because the distance are close it might be a case of finding plentiful ammo test few different brands in your rifle 150-165gr and then pick one, hunt monitor result change if needed.

i can only hope things get better in future for reloading, i heard that magazines are serialized and a restricted item in Ireland is that still the case?
13 Feb 2019
@ 10:11 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: short to medium
a VERY quick look in knowledge base confirmed my first thought...150 grn hornady interloct...whitetail??? at a guess??? they should be cheap enough to practise with and seem to do the job without fuss or bother.... we have shot everything from wallabies to a bull that with them without any real issues. sika and fallow arent big animals so you want something that will expand,but not so much as to be messy/wastefull....heck what am I saying,you cant make an omlet without breaking eggs,stick that pill through its front wheels and it wont go anywhere,you might loose a LITTLE meat but you wont loose a wounded animal.
the couple of deer Ive shot with 140grn hornadies from my .270 at 300ish yards went down no trouble .for me in the .308 its a 180 grn hornady RN as my usual range is 35ish yards.
14 Feb 2019
@ 09:24 am (GMT)

bryan long

Re: short to medium
Thanks everyone.

Thomas there's no restrictions on magazines.

I guess Ireland is coming from a fairly recent background of terrorism so most legislation was aimed at limiting access to guns that could be used for that purpose in the Republic of Ireland.

With no history of reloading there is little campaigning or push for it in Ireland, it's such a long process to get legislation through that no organistaion has the desire to pursue it.And none of us individuals have any experience of doing it.


14 Feb 2019
@ 11:18 am (GMT)

bryan long

Re: short to medium
Mike , you've sent me from the books back into the KB

I'll cut and paste here the answers there to my own question. Light deer near to mid range

Whinchester,Today the 150 grain Silvertip has been replaced by the Winchester/ Nosler Combined Technologies Ballistic Silvertip. The BST produces less violent expansion than the original PowerPoint and Silvertip projectiles but is still a frangible bullet, offering superior aerodynamic performance. The BST is a true, open country hunting bullet and produces excellent results out at ranges of around 300 yards on light to mid weight game up to 80kg (180lb).

Remington’s 165 grain Accutip produces fast killing on light or lean bodied game at close ranges. As velocity falls below 2400fps (100 yards), shot placement on light bodied game becomes more critical if fast killing is to be expected. The Accutip produces wide wounding on light bodied game down to velocities of around 2000fps (325 yards)

Federal’s traditional 150gr Soft point is an acceptable budget bullet, producing adequate wounding on lighter medium game, it’s major limitation being a low BC. Duplicating Olin’s BST load, the 150 grain Ballistic Tip is a good lighter medium game open country bullet. The 150 grain Partition is as per usual for this bullet design, outstanding. The SD of this projectile is low therefore, care should be taken not to use the 150 grain Partition on large, heavy bodied game above 150kg (330lb) if full cross body penetration (exit wounding) is to be expected. This is a very good game bullet for light to mid weight game species, producing best results inside 320 yards.

The 150gr .308 SST is an extremely good bullet. Factory loads really only achieve the stated 2820fps in 26” barrels and as stated 2750fps is a more common MV associated with this load. At point blank ranges,the SST jacket and core stay together and wounding is extremely violent and of adequate depth for use on medium sized deer species. At longer ranges, where raking shots are taken, jacket core separation occurs at the later stages of penetration. In this sense and when the SST is matched to appropriate game weights, its killing performance is flawless. The SST can be used out to 600 yards, continuing to produce wide wounding at the low impact velocity of 1600fps, quite a feat for a controlled expanding bullet. The SF version of this load at 3000fps is simply an exceptional performer when used on light to mid weight deer species, up to 80kg (180lb) and out to 700 yards as a practical maximum.

The Interlock is soft enough to promote wide wounding and reasonably fast killing on light game, though slightly delayed at long ranges, yet has a construction and SD suitable for adequate penetration on larger animals. This economy load should never be overlooked as it has quite a niche,
14 Feb 2019
@ 11:41 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: short to medium
In relation to the first question... OSA make a Buffalo River load. It's got 135gr Sierra (?) Hollow points. Great load. Quite accurate in my rifle. OSA is the civilian/commercial arm of ADI.
20 Feb 2019
@ 06:09 am (GMT)

Magnus Hansson

Re: short to medium
I’ve been extremely happy with the Hornady Superformance 150gr SST.
Chonographed at 895m/sek in my 55cm T3.

I’ve shot a number of boar up to 80kg with exit holes as close as 50m!
Also shot around 7-8 roe ..they drop were they stand

I now Reload the same bullet at about 850m/sek ..same result a tad less recoil.

Only thing walking around in Sweden that might be too much for it would be moose and bear, but thats no issue in Ireland i guess


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