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Re: Throat corrosion?

14 Aug 2013
@ 11:37 am (GMT)

Michael Neeson

Hi Jason, it's a reasonably cheap flexible "endoscope" which plugs into your computer and acts like a webcam. This particular one has a 7mm camera head with LED lights... but I still needed to put my torch at the muzzle to get a picture.

It's focal length is too long to compare with an actual borescope and get good closeups, but it does have it's uses. Don't bother using the supplied software, it's crap. Download a version of Yawcam, it's free and easy to use.

There are plenty out there for sale, they all seem to either have 10mm cameras or 7mm, nothing smaller. To get this one down my barrel I had to unscrew a small collar threaded near the lense, but it doesn't appear to have any use.


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