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Re: MRAD with yards

01 Feb 2019
@ 08:10 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Schools of fish. For sure. And old imperial cows with gallons of milk

Then we have the new metric ones that will have litres of milk. We're phasing these new ones in this year.... we're not sure if the new cows teats will fit in the old sized cups....

Paul. I am going to have to stop hijacking the forum threads. I apologize for any of my unreasonable reasonings to the OP. I just sometimes get on a intellectual bubble of cows methane and loose myself and Nek-minute......

Andrew I have worked with both metric , Whitworth and imperial measurements. Often with both on the same piece of machinery. They all have their advantages. Cheers gents keep your axe sharp n ya powder dry.....


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