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Re: .17 HMR and Bore/Throat Polishing

28 Jan 2019
@ 04:08 am (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

Guys, this thread I found the other day is why I think it’s probably a very good idea to bed it, pay special attention to the first two pictures:


The .17 Mach 2 is actually something I’d be very interested in using, there are around one hundred boxes of 50 on a local store shelf. The main problem is that I have yet to find a rifle in that cartridge. Probably one reason the ammo is sort of stockpiled there, virtually nobody locally owns those rifles.


Mike R, when you stop to clean the barrel somewhere into the second box, do you go through a full copper solvent process to completely strip out all the copper fouling, or just a normal cleaning procedure with a mild solvent like Hoppe’s #9?


Mike R, which Ruger is it? I’m curious.


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