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Tikka won't shoot well anymore - need help

25 Jan 2019
@ 12:45 pm (GMT)

Michael H

Hi folks,

I found the forum after searching similar experiences I've been having with my Tikka CTR in 260 Rem. I've made some minor modifications initially:

- Yo Dave Trigger Spring
- Thunderbeast Compact Brake
- Thunderbeast Ultra 7 6.5 Suppressor
- Vortex PST FFP 6-24x50mm scope
- Larue QD low rings

I'm an avid Handloader and with the set-up above, I typically net between a 0.15-0.3" group at 100 yards with Berger 140 Vlds and Lapua brass when shooting prone. I have a 6-9" Harris bipod up front and use a wiebad loop bag in the rear. I range to the higher level of the group size when I'm impatient or if I break my shooting position. Bad days net me 0.5" groups; needless to say I've been very satisfied with the rifle. I now have approx 500 rounds down the tube and it still holds groups as mentioned above.

I wanted to upgrade my stock to something more ergonomic, that had more options for sling attachments, and that would allow for a more comfortable shooting experience throughout the day. I tried two well known chassis options:


Note: both of these came with their own steel recoil lugs pre-pressed into them.

The KRG and the MDT are exhibiting the same issues: double grouping (2 shots in the same hole, another 2 shots same hole but 1.5" off, another shot somewhere else to complete a 1.5" group)

I tried 40, 45, 50, 51, 60 in-lbs and all show the same lackluster results. My best groups now are .66" with 3 shots, with another 2 shots opening the gun up to 1.25". When I re-install the original stock and bottom metal and turn the action screws back to their original positions (I marked them with a sharpie) I return to my original shooting performance, even though I'm less comfortable and consistent behind the rifle.

I've removed the chassis several times to confirm that I've appropriately seated the recoil lug and still no avail. The groups look like what I've experienced in the past when a recoil lug isn't seated, or if a scope mount is loose. I moved the scope to another rifle which grouped well to verify that the scope is not the culprit. I also confirmed 25 in-lb torque on the factory Tikka scope rail. I've also verified this behavior with 2 other shooters.

I'm out of ideas. Does anyone have any clue as to why my Tikka refuses to perform with a chassis installed? I'm all ears. Thanks for the help.



25 Jan 2019
@ 08:30 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: Tikka won't shoot well anymore - need help
poor chassis to action fit.
glue n screw sounds like the simple fix to me.

have the a look in the practical guide to bolt action rifle accurizing and maintenance book. the books will be the best $$$ you will spend on your shooting.

25 Jan 2019
@ 11:30 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Tikka won't shoot well anymore - need help
Michael what Ben said mate.

There a lifetime purchase full of no bs solutions.
26 Jan 2019
@ 08:04 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Tikka won't shoot well anymore - need help
Hey Michael,

There are available in the store on the website here a whole series devoted to Tikka rifles in addition to the book series. I recommend checking those out.

It's obviously very hard to diagnose the issues over the net but believe me the suggestions given so far are the best you could be given. Invest in yourself!

Cheers mate,

26 Jan 2019
@ 08:57 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Tikka won't shoot well anymore - need help
The E-books are the quickest way to get the information. Post some pics of your setup.
05 Feb 2019
@ 09:44 am (GMT)

Anders Österberg

Re: Tikka won't shoot well anymore - need help
My 5cents to this problem is that the recoillug is sitting to high that the action is riding the lug instead of the bed-surface .
Take a candle and soot the lugslot on the action, and then screw the action down .
Then take it apart to check if the top of the lug had have contact with the slot-bottom , it should not ! !
05 Feb 2019
@ 10:34 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Tikka won't shoot well anymore - need help
Chassis style stocks "can" create all sorts of dramas with flex, loading/stress etc. Along with form & technique issues despite what all the tacticool sites promote.

Anyway, the recoil lug having square contact & clearance as the guys have said is critical. The other area to investigate is the square sided action & its fit due to the harmonic effect during recoil & return to battery. A problem often induced into this design during bedding work, most common result is double grouping.

Grab the rifle maintenance book to gain a better understanding of this rifle design, its bedding and lots more.
11 Feb 2019
@ 09:16 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Tikka won't shoot well anymore - need help
How did you get on Michael? If you want more sling options why not just fit an extra sling mount to your original stock. Its working and shooting great groups. Why change a good accurate thing? Guns are like Knifes, forks n spoons. Made right and used correctly they'll work as intended. Gold and gem encrusted cutlery won't feed you any better? Have you got them books yet?
13 Feb 2019
@ 08:34 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Tikka won't shoot well anymore - need help
Some good advice here. Thanks to each of you for pointing out the critical aspects of lugless action designs to Micheal. These actions are most certainly critical in alignment to the last .001".



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