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Rails and Rings

15 Jan 2019
@ 04:01 am (GMT)

bryan long

Any standout rails and rings?

I'm thinking EGW base and Burris Zee rings?

On a remington 700 .308
Police finally processed my licence after 4 months, they're only legally allowed to take 3 months but they're a law onto themselves I guess.

Just wondering if there's any standout rails or rings?

I've got 2 matchgrade bedding kits a friend brought back from NZ, and another friend carrying back a Sightron 3.5-10x44 next week and secondhand HS Percision stock and Jewel trigger to fit.

Then freezers to fill and 5 weeks till the end of the season.


15 Jan 2019
@ 07:58 am (GMT)

mark suckling

Re: Rails and Rings
That's a great combo, egw rail and burris signature zee rings with the plastic scope inserts. I got them on 2 rifles, faultless, nicely manufactured.

Can get offset inserts for the rings too if there is any scope/barrel alignment issues.
15 Jan 2019
@ 09:49 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Rails and Rings
Hi Bryan, a good combo.

A quick tip for the Burris rings: Torque the cross bolts and top screws, then leave overnight. In the morning, re-torque everything. This is ensure that the rings remain fully secure long term.

Reason: the cross bolt section of the rings will be tight at first, but as the slot gives in to the cross bolt tension, the tension eases (over time). So the morning check on both the bolts and screws ensures that the scope is fully secure - after this settling period.

Several smiths have complained about these rings to customers, not really giving the design much thought. But if you study the design, you can appreciate how it needs to be utilized. Secured in this manner, the system remains trouble free and can handle hefty bumps and knocks in the field along with magnum recoil over many years without any issues.


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