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01 Jan 2019
@ 05:31 am (GMT)


01 Jan 2019
@ 08:51 am (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

Re: Mausers

These M18s look bone-practical to me and made of steel. The three position safety is a winner with me too. These are not controlled feed like the old Mausers and the Winchester M70s, etc.

Speaking of the Mauser 98s, I have three of these, two sporterized (30-06 & 385 HH) and one original WWII service rifle. The market here has flipped in the last decade or so and the surplus rifle cost double the sporterized.

My point is that right now you can get a pretty custom Mauser 98 for $250 USD or so, usually with a custom barrel

That leaves a lot of room to modify the action into whatever you want.

I am thinking of changing my 375 HH Mauser to 358 Norma Magnum.

01 Jan 2019
@ 12:36 pm (GMT)

Phil Van Zuylen

Re: Mausers
Very interesting John thanks for posting.Sporterised m98 and swede 96s are often cheaper than military ones here in NZ too.
02 Jan 2019
@ 07:57 am (GMT)

John Smith

Re: Mausers
In April 2018 I bought an 1893 Spanish Mauser Model 1916 in
7x57 for $300. It has an aftermarket barrel and a walnut
Mannlicher-style stock. It has been reblued and everything works smoothly and
it was easy to sight in with a surprising degree of accuracy.
I had my local gunsmith check it out and he judged it ready
for use with my reloads.. Like New Mexico, Military rifles here in Wa.
in their original state often go for more than a sporterized
rifle. If they have been sporterized with care I think they
can be a great bargain.
07 Jan 2019
@ 12:10 pm (GMT)

John Smith

Re: Mausers
Using a method I read about for taking the firing pin
out of my 03-A3 I used this procedure to do the same
on my Spanish Mauser. First cock the bolt, put the
Mauser safety in the upright position and withdraw the
bolt from the receiver. Then turn the
rear of the bolt to unscrew the firing pin assembly.
It needed cleaning.
21 Mar 2019
@ 06:16 pm (GMT)

Earl Willis

Re: Mausers
I'd have to go to my safe and take a count to see how many Mausers I have, I'm a bit of a nut. Years ago I read an article by Jon Sundra the compleat rifleman, he convinced me that a 98 chambered in .284 win is a great gun. I have two now, one a 1 in 9 twist and one a 1 in 8, tomarrow I'm going to shoot the fast twist rifle with 145 gr Barnes lrx hand loads. I live in California and we can't hunt with lead starting this year, so I have a lot of experimenting to do with copper. I'll let you folks know how it goes. I'd have to say, the .284 is my all time favorite cartrige, and the Mauser 98 is my all time favorite rifle. Does any one know if Jon Sundra is still around?
22 Mar 2019
@ 07:35 am (GMT)

John Smith

Re: Mausers
Thanks for posting the article on the Mauser M-18.
I found a customized Mauser 98 7x57 on Guns International
and it is now in my gun safe. It has an Austrian Boehler
steel 24 inch barrel, double set triggers, lightly engraved,
and came with a 2x7 36mm Kahles scope that looks new.
Yes, it was expensive, but I sold one of my pistols
that more than covered the cost. I sighted it in with new
PPU 139 gr rounds. First at 25 yards and then at 100 yds.
After scope adjustment, all the bullets hit exactly where my crosshairs were on the target.
It was a joy to sight in. The next day I necked sized
the rounds and loaded them with IMR 4064 and 139 gr.
Hornady SP bullets. Tomorrow I will be at the range to
test them. This is my third Mauser.


26 Mar 2019
@ 06:52 am (GMT)

Earl Willis

Re: Mausers
I have two Austrian 98s in 7×57, they are very well made, very good steel. One I've sporterized, and the other I've kept origanal. These rifles were beutifaly finnished, close to as good as persion Mausers. Twenty years ago you could get them in the US for $ 99.00 , now you can't find them any where. The sporterized rifle shoots 162 grn hornadays at 2600 in 3/4" all day long. It's my all around deer rifle, I think the 7×57 is a under rated cartridge. Long live the 7×57.
26 Mar 2019
@ 10:51 am (GMT)

John Smith

Re: Mausers
In my newly acquired Austrian/German 7x57 Mauser 98 I will be using
Hornady 143 ELD-X for deer in mid-October 2019. Hornady 162 ELD-M
later in October/Nov for elk. In eastern Washington.
This rifle was sporterized by H.H. Hunold in Halle, Austria. Has anyone
heard anything about him? He did a beautiful job on this rifle.


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