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Re: New Schultz and Larsen Rifles

27 Dec 2018
@ 09:45 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

I am of two minds. There are many good rifles like Grahams, and then there are the duds. One of which pissed me right off because the rifle was dumped on my bench with its design flaws (see Thomas's post) which can become problematic. I helped the guy through it, then he did an article in a gun rag about how great the rifle was. Total bullshit and it really put me off the design and also gun rags. Then another came in, the front action screw was too short, poor guy cross threaded and stuffed the action after the first disassembly / reassembly. That one never shot all that well although it was perfectly acceptable for general hunting to 300 yards.

I just don't like switch barrels unless they are based on something like the Savage premise. I guess its perspective, the difference between the end user versus the guy who has to work on it if things go wrong.

Not long ago I made a vid showing a simple U.S turn bolt shooting into one hole. I don't know how much more folk want from their rifles. Brendon sent me a photo of his latest groups (Rem trouble shooting video rifle) a few days ago and again, one hole.


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