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223 for rabits

05 Dec 2018
@ 06:56 am (GMT)

Brendon Greig

Hi guys I have been thinking about having a clean up in my gun safe i have a couple of old. 22's that are worn out and a .17 which I just dont like so were thinking of getting rid of them and maybe getting a 223 and suppressor much to Nathan's dislike as I have been asked to deal with a rabbit problem on one of my customers horse property's so noise is an issue
So basically was wondering how a suppressed 223 would compare to a 22 for noise


05 Dec 2018
@ 10:24 am (GMT)

Caleb Mayfield

Re: 223 for rabits
Brendan, to be truly discreet you need the bullet to be traveling at subsonic speeds as it leaves the suppressor. So for comparison, the 223 is still going to have a loud crack from the supersonic projectile.

If it were me I think I would ask the following questions:
How far am I going to be shooting rabbits?
Do I want anything to be left after shooting them?
How quiet do I need to be? (Houses nearby or just don't startle the horses?)
What subsonic ammunition is available for either option?
What is behind the rabbits mostly? Are ricochets a concern?

I favor a 22 LR shooting subsonic ammo as it is for almost all my small game hunting. I'm currently working on a custom stock for my Savage Mark II to give me better results in long range shooting. From shooting this rifle with the factory stock I can tell you I would have no reservations about shooting rabbits at 200 yards from a good vantage point. If the new stock and bedding job prove to be as effective as I hope, I believe the could push to 275. Beyond that I have had difficulty maintaining predictable groups under 4".
If I were treating rabbit control like pest control with no intention of eating anything left, and the supersonic crack of the bullet is quiet enough to not disturb your hunting environment, I would go with the 223 and work up a bunch of highly frangible rounds to make sure that the bullet doesn't travel beyond my target.

That's my thoughts. I hope it helps.
05 Dec 2018
@ 12:09 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: 223 for rabits
What he said +++
a good 22 and suppressor are great for small game.

OR how about subsonic 223 loads with heavy pills.
05 Dec 2018
@ 04:16 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 223 for rabits
hi brendon.
i have been using cci suppressor rounds in my 22lr lately with great success they are deadly quiet but still hit hard.

from memory you have a 243 and handload? i think everything a 223 could do you could make your 243 do if you want it to.

05 Dec 2018
@ 04:21 pm (GMT)

Hamish Gibbs

Re: 223 for rabits
My experiences with horses would say its more the boom than the crack that will put them through a fence but then it depends a lot on what kind of horse you are talking about, they do become accustomed fairly quickly as long as you let them settle for starters between shots, no ar15 rapid fire over the gate when you turn up! All common sense really. 22lr subsonic win PowerPoint (blue box)was always my go to but still a bit bouncey on hard flat ground but I don't know what ranges you are talking or how urban/rural backdrop.
For true urban work I think it would be hard to beat a PCP rifle, extremely quiet and surprisingly capable.
05 Dec 2018
@ 05:18 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: 223 for rabits
would you use your .22lr with supersonic/normal rounds in that area???
because your .223 with normal rounds and a good suppressor is going to be similar in noise.
you will be able to use very explosive varmit type projectiles to reduce chance of richocette..... but your .22lr will do the job just in/sell the 3 you dont want and get a suppressed .22lr use the 42grn winchester subsonics and you wont look norincos love it.
recently I tried the subsonic loads without suppressor and was pleasantly surprised at just how quiet it is.
going subsonic with the .223 is a pain in the bum and wont do anything at all you cant do easier with .22lr.
05 Dec 2018
@ 07:38 pm (GMT)

Brendon Greig

Re: 223 for rabits
Hi guys thanks for all the input I am only thinking about options at the moment and had considerd just getting another 22 but also injoy the reloading the place I have been asked to deal to the rabbits is quite hilly as far as the horses I am not to concerned about them as I have plenty of years experience dealing with them but don't want to have to loud a boom had also considered the 243 but even down loaded it would probably be a bit much I'll think it over for a while before I do anything


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