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Mossberg Bedding question

23 Jul 2013
@ 06:12 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

From email, tried to reply by email but email bounced:


Hi, my name is ..... I live in the U.S. I recently purchased a Mossberg 4x4 chambered in 25-06. It came with the black synthetic stock, currently there are no aftermarket stocks available for it.

I haven't got to shoot it yet due to a recent move and being really busy. I'm a soldier in the U.S. Army. Anyway I am considering stabilizing and bedding the stock. The stabilizing shouldn't be a problem but I'm not sure how I would proceed with the bedding. The rifle has a removable magazine and the piece that holds the magazine is removable. I would love to be able to stabilize this whole setup. If you are familiar with this setup or have any ideas I would really appreciate the help. I just want to know how to proceed before I decide to purchase the materials and have them sent clear from new Zealand and then not be able to do the job. Thanks for any info you can provide.



23 Jul 2013
@ 06:14 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Mossberg Bedding question
My response:

Hi ...., I have bedded the Mossberg 4x4 with great success. Trouble is, it was several years ago and I was a shocker for not taking photos back then. So I cannot remember the action layout and any unique steps I took.

If you get a chance, could you please take clear photos of the stock and action disassembled, then email me. That will be enough to jog my memory.
24 Jul 2013
@ 07:12 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Mossberg Bedding question
Just found photos on my hard drive of a Mossberg action and notes to myself. Set up is similar to both the M700 and Savage.

Bed the tang, bed in front of the trigger well across the bridge (rear pillar) as per Savage, bed the front of the action. Three points of contact.

The barrel nut does not have to be masked off because it has no recesses. Bed into the barrel channel 1".

A great deal of stabilizing is required. The action area of the stock needs to be dammed and filled with stabilizer as the entire area is hollow apart from a single pillar in the center.


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