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7mm 160 gr TMK on game testing

20 Nov 2018
@ 09:46 am (GMT)

Luke Onderko

Just thought i would give a report on how the 160 TM has worked on game that i have taken this fall as well as game that other have taken with my rifle.

Rifle , 7mm-08 TIkka Compact, 20" barrel.
Loads, 160 TMK 42.5 Gr H4350 2.950" 2705 fps MV


Cow elk (500 lbs) 300 yards, quartering toward, bullet struck shoulder and lodged up against opposite hide 2 ribs behind shoulder, death within 3 seconds

Bull Elk (700 lbs) 375 yards, quartering toward, bullet struck in front of shoulder, lodged up against opposite hide 3 ribs back. Stood there and died within 8 seconds.

2 Pronghorn bucks 175 lbs ( 460 and 480 yards), both shots broadside. bullets both stuck 1 or 2 ribs behind shoulder with no bones being struck, 2-3 inch exit wounds, both DRT, instantly dropping.

Pronghorn Doe 125 lbs, 325 yards broadside. Behind shoulder shot, 3 " exit would, DRT, lungs were basically gone

Mule Deer Buck(250 lbs) 250 yard shot. Double shoulder shot, large exit would(2") DRT, massive internal damage

Whitetail buck (200 lbs) 200 yards, heart shot, ran 50 yards before tipping over. lodged up against opposite hide. wide wounding through heart

All animals were killed in 1 shot, any recovered bullet was expanded over 2.5X its starting diameter (.75"-.9" mushrooms) usual retained weight about 100 gr of the initial 160. internal wounding was considerably wider than exit wounds, usually 3-4 " wound canals

Overall have been extremely impressed with the consistency and expansion of this bullet. seems to penetrate slightly more than the 162 Amax, but opens up just as easy or easier


22 Nov 2018
@ 07:08 am (GMT)

Luke Lahdenranta

Re: 7mm 160 gr TMK on game testing
Thanks for giving us this report. Those Tipped Matchkings are giving pretty good on game performance for a target bullet. I have a new 7mag that I will be setting up this winter, I have some of the 160 gr partitions to start and had thought about getting a box of the gamekings to run along side them but I think I will consider trying these TMK's instead as a cheaper target and possible longer range option.


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