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Discovery on my Remington 700

12 Nov 2018
@ 12:07 pm (GMT)

Stuart Talbot

Several years back I picked up a 700 Boone and Crockett in .300 WinMag. I bought it for the laminate stock and what I would call a medium heavy barrel. After scoping it and taking it out to sight in, I couldn't get it to group under 3 inches to save my life. It's the only 700 I've ever dealt with that had that problem. Very disappointing, to say the least. All of this was before I discovered this site and the book series.

So, sent it out last year to a local smith for pillar and glass bedding. All good on that front. So, now to the point. This evening, I decided it was time to get the rifle back together. I was cleaning the areas where the scope mount would mate up. I kept noticing a small amount of my cleaning material kept sticking around one of the holes. Turned out, there was a big burr from the drilling of the hole for the scope mount screws. And not just on that one. One of the front screw holes had a smaller burr on it as well. That may have been the problem!

Grabbed a file and made quick work of those burrs.

All this to say, there's one more thing you might check out on your rifles when setting them up. Not something I ever thought to look for previously.



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