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Re: Something Different -A Rafting Trip/Bear Hunting Rifle

11 Nov 2018
@ 09:36 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

One thing I want to add to this thread - Marty's post. It was a shame to see this skipped over.

The rifle Marty mentioned is as light as one could possibly go with a medium bore of this power. It is ready to go out of the box. The action length is to be considered short and light for a long action therefore minimizing weight (yet plenty of allowable OAL for 9.3). The barrel is as thin as you can go. A percentage of folk do not have the grip strength for this particular combo, not enough to shoot accurately across a river basin. Its not a failing, it is simply the fact that many folk have desk jobs these days. But if you are rafting, your grip strength should be very good. You could make good use of this little rifle. Its about as small as you can go at this recoil level and should be considered already undersized for general hunting. So do keep this option in mind because it is basically an out of the box light weight mild power version of your .375.


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