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Re: "Maxis" (Savage Axis Magnum Conversion)

09 Nov 2018
@ 11:20 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Regarding the .375 Ruger, feeding is different when you have the whole body at belt diameter. But further to this, it changes again when both body and bullet diamter are increased. It can be quite annoying, cartridges popping out. But I suppose anything is possible given enough time and mucking around.

That .358 Norma option looks enticing. But you would need to be prepared to muck around with brass (best to trim .300 right down) and it would be good to make use of the Hawk brand of bullets. This cartridge does not 'feel like' its too much or too little in any situation, hard to put into words otherwise. Its just a feel. But do take note, the bullet diameter will cause it to behave much differently when feeding compared to the .338.

I am having a hard time with this thread because I know the difference between what is said on forums and what actually happens behind the scenes in order to get a lot of these rifles shooting straight. I don't want to send you up the garden path with this.


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