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Re: "Maxis" (Savage Axis Magnum Conversion)

08 Nov 2018
@ 07:15 pm (GMT)

Calin Brabandt

The ER Shaw Savage standard magnum profile online order page does offer 375 Ruger, 35 Whelen (including AI), and many other options (including the 358 Norma, which does sound interesting, but the Shaw barrel is 1:14 only). In standard magnum, barrels go up to the 375 RUM. Even larger caliber options are available on their Savage heavy magnum and varmint profile order pages. However, the Shaw website says the Savage barrels are not for the Edge/Axis and their installation services are not available for the Edge/Axis either. If I call them, maybe they'd truthfully explain the reasons behind these limitations to me (rather than maybe the reasons their lawyer gives to them).

On the other hand, E. Arthur Brown also sells ER Shaw Savage barrels, explicitly including the Edge/Axis along with the note that you previously quoted about Edge/Axis receiver threads sometimes being too small for 10/110 barrels and the claim that ER Shaw has dimensions their 10/110 barrels to fit the Edge/Axis. E. Arthur Brown will install an ER Shaw barrel on an Edge/Axis for $30 USD and also charges $65 USD to re-channel a forend for a larger profile barrel.

I never thought much about 375 Ruger cartridge width, because three 338 Win Mag cartridges fit in my magazine with a small amount of space to spare. The width of the 338 Win Mag case head and belt constitute the limiting diameter and they are the same diameter as a 375 Ruger case at the case head. Admittedly, a 375 Ruger case is wider than a 338 Win Mag at the shoulder and there's nothing like actual dummy rounds to test magazine fit, feed, and function with the actual chambered barrel. All I know now is the .338 bullet tip does slowly push feed into the cone ramp of my current 270 barrel but, again, I'd need a 375 barrel and dummy rounds to test feeding while working the bolt briskly and realistically to chamber and extract cartridges.

I think you mentioned that the 35 Whelen AI has been one of your wife's favorite cartridges. Maybe the AI is worth the extra money, if I go with a Whelen conversion, which is probably the safest and least expensive conversion choice.

Would you mind looking at these screen captures of other Shaw Savage barrel offerings and see if anything else catches your eye as possibly compelling, given my goals?

Thanks for all your time, Nathan. I've just started to look at your books' tables of contents and I'll probably ask Santa for your entire book collection for Christmas. If Santa doesn't deliver it, I'll just have to buy it for myself!


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